6:54 AM Today I want to discuss something which I always had on my mind, but I never did a research on it… Last year, when I trained for Paris, I had a strict running plan and I tried to work out as much as I could. When I was off from work, I had the freedom to plan my workouts throughout the day – I enjoy early morning runs more than late at night, but I love core and strength training when it’s late and not too early.
At the end of my workout routine, I found myself running in the evening, because my schedule didn’t allow it another way. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the evening runs and I was beyond excited to see that one of my evening runs was actually a new best time of mine…That’s when I asked myself if I should reconsider my workout times. Shall I work out more in the evening or are the early morning hours better for myself?


1. BOOST: Waking up early you might be a bit sleepy, since your system was off for a couple of hours. By working out early, you can help your system to wake up and with the natural help of endorphins which will be released, you will experience and instant energy boost. Also good to know: when your body temperature is changing, this helps you to wake up! So get up and work out!
2. TIME SCHEDULE: Let’s be honest – our mornings aren’t busy at all…we “only” need to go to school, university, or our job – that means we are getting ready for our daily grind. But what’s after that? Yes, much more…meetings, social life, doctor appointments – you name it. The earlier you work out, the faster it’s done and you can move on to your other important daily tasks.
3. QUIET HOURS: No matter if you go to the gym or you enjoy nature, at early morning hours gyms and the outside world aren’t really packed yet. I always enjoy running around our lake and I hate when the whole place is packed with dog walkers and screaming kids – so I run there extra early and I’m happy. If you feel uncomfortable in packed gyms, come earlier to enjoy your favorite corners! Less people, less stress, less uncomfortable eyes looking at you. Try it!
4. BURN DEM CALORIES: A morning workout is definitely a big helper when it comes to burning calories! Since you are kicking your metabolism early, you will burn more calories during the day plus you can easily say bye-bye to your fat!


1. STRESS RELIEF: Exercise always helps you to reduce your stress levels by releasing happiness endorphins which make your bad day into a better day! Instead of coming home and eating yourself happy with a lot of trash which shall make you feel better, you can hit the gym or just go out for a walk to unwind and let all your frustration go.
2. READY TO BURN CALORIES: By already eating all your calories you have the best preparation to start your sweat session! Working out on an empty stomach is not everyone’s thing - that’s why evening workouts might be better for you then. You can plan around your day and finish your workout with a last fueling or muscle building supporting snack! Why not? I sometimes enjoy working out late, because during lunch I couldn’t say no to pizza – the best excuse to workout in the evening, saying good-bye to all these calories.
3. READY TO SWEAT WITH NO BIG WARM-UP: I guess that’s one thing I hate during the mornings…stretching and warming up the muscles! Remember, when you wake up don’t start working out right away! Please always warm up your muscles first before you get active. If you refuse to warm up, you might risk injuries which isn’t really helping you while being active. Now if you train in the evening, your body temperature is higher and your muscles already enjoyed a certain movement which allows you to start your workout faster. A lot of time saving!
4. RELAXED NIGHT: Studies say that working out in the late evenings helps you having a better rest at night. While you go hard and sweat beyond your limits, your body will feel energized but also a bit tired afterwards. Take the good energy to have a deep and long sleep and let your muscles rest during your long sleep! You will wake up energized and relaxed – perfect to start your new day!

At the end of the day you have to decide for yourself if you are a morning or evening person when it comes to being active. I realized that I am totally into morning workouts, since I enjoy the extra energy boost and I love to say that I am already through it, so I can “chill” the rest of the day. But since my Paris training situation, I learned that I am also capable to work out in the evening! It might be exhausting sometimes, but there are also days where I surprise myself and I perform beyond awesome in the evening! So here and then I change up my routines and I work out sometimes early, and then again I train at night. I enjoy both and I will definitely keep on “playing” with this routine. Don’t stress yourself if your schedule doesn’t allow you to work out at desired times – it doesn’t matter what time your workout starts, it matters that you work out at all! Find your groove and get to know your own boundaries! Share your experiences!