4:03 PM The days just pass and I am so happy to say that in 7 days I will sit inside a comfy plane again to travel the world. I am honest, this trip is rather spontaneous and I wish I had more time (and money) to plan this further!
I am going to South Africa - good-bye winter, hello summer! No, I'm not really escaping winter, since we don't really have a winter here, but it's fun to go somewhere warm during a month where we actually experience snow and coldness.
It was a dream of mine to go to Cape Town and in the early stages of my university life, I also wanted to write my Bachelor thesis about Cape Town and its history.

Seeing all the animals from our local zoos in real life.
Being at the beach ALL DAMN DAY.
Finally taking a surf lesson.
Run from AM to PM and hike all dem mountains.

I am still dreaming and I can't wait to share all my Cape Town stories with you! That's why today I want to share a little monthly favorites which is inspired by my trip. The last two or three weeks I was really stressing about hiking outfits, shoes, the right gear, almost everything. Oh, and my Nikon died...I needed to get a new camera asap. Good timing.
Since there was no favorite post in December (I kind of forgot and when I realized that I needed to write one, I decided to "just" stay with my 3 Christmas guides - enough is enough). Now I did a bigger favorites post with some things you should definitely get now, since it's sale seasooon!

Okay, one last question for y'all. Any Cape Town tips? Merciii!

Bag Baggu / Dog Ballon Bank Gilt / Sneaker Pharrell x adidas / Sunglasses Quay / Mat Native Yoga / Bottle bkr / Aloe moisturizer Mario Badescu / Sweater Opening Ceremony / Jumpsuit Faithfull / Cropped Sweater Off-White / Sportsbra adidas / Hat Nike