9:09 AM When I walked down 6th Ave, three years ago, I passed a coffee store called “FIKA” – FIKA is more than a coffee store, but back then, I could only see people coming out with a coffee cup. I didn’t realize what kind of coffee place this is, but somehow I turned around to remember the name for the next time.
Of course I forgot about it.

Skipping forward to 2017. Again, I was walking along 6th Ave – one of my favorites to explore the city and run away from tourists. It was super early and I craved a warm beverage and something to eat. I recognized the building and looked up – FIKA, somehow my body was taking me back to the place which I have seen for the first time three years ago. Now I was super intrigued to get to know what’s behind these curtains – I knew I will definitely get my desired beverage, so I rushed inside.

Here I was. I was already smelling sweet things when I got inside and soon I understood that I just entered the Swedish tea time heaven. Yes, yes, yes. Sexy pastry and a rich coffee – I’m down. I checked the menu and I smiled. I am definitely a fan of Swedish things: Ikea, kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon rolls) – bring me all the good things! Since the shop was almost empty, I was ordering my things pretty fast. Of Course I had to take a cinnamon roll and I decided to go with a spicy hot chocolate. When I sat down and took my obligatory food still life picture, I thought about the price and how weird my cinnamon roll looks. I paid 8$ and my cinnamon roll looks a bit dry…

The coffee shop was empty, it was early in the morning…or does that mean that the offer isn’t really satisfying the people? Well, 10 minutes later the scene and mood changed: more people came in to grab a to-go coffee and a family sat down right next to me. I loved sitting right at the window where I could soak the sunshine and observe busy NYCers starting their day. I also started to enjoy my breakfast… The hot chocolate was a DREAM. Yes, it was spicy, maybe a bit too spicy, but I really enjoy the thick consistency and the original chocolate flavor a hot chocolate is supposed to have. And then I started eating my weird looking cinnamon roll…can you believe how moist this friend was? Oh lord, the right amount of cinnamon, very fluffy dough, and super good consistency – all well. I couldn’t believe it.

FIKA means coffee time in Swedish and I love that Swedish people include this coffee ceremony into their daily routine. A moment to calm down, eat, drink, and exchange with dear friends - a spa moment when the day gets too hectic. I enjoyed my FIKA moment in the morning, before I headed to a day packed with dates and job things related.

What a great message to spread, dear Swedish lovebirds.

I really like FIKA and if you want to take someone out to enjoy European sweets, make sure to head to FIKA first. A mellow place with jazz playing and a not too crowded coffee stop where you can easily relax. All true to the motto ~

FIKA 555 6th Avenue, New York ($-$$)