9:09 PM Hands down, I love Asian culture, ever since I was a kid. From special occasion dinners at Chinese buffets or watching Mulan in my pjs, followed by learning about Asian history, its traditional medicine and philosophy - I'm a geek. At work, I deal with many Chinese clients so I also start to understand a little basic Chinese (like 4 words - kind of haha). That's why I love China Town so much I guess...
In 2001, I went to NYC for the first time - I still remember my first time walking around China Town. All of a sudden one is in a total different world...Chinese culture wherever you look at: the ducks hanging downside the windows, exotic markets, exotic smells, Chinese neon signs - I really enjoyed it.

Luckily, I stayed at the Bowery the last time I went home, so China Town was only a jump away! Running in a different city, or different continent can sometimes be a bit complicated... you are new to the city, you might not know about the running routes, and in addition to that you need to carry your hotel key or other important things with you. In Paris I had a map and my cellphone with me, because I was scared to get lost, but ugh so much stuff that bothers me during running. My solution? I finally got myself a tiny running buddy, my deuter bag! They are the best - best running investment ever! Their size is perfect!

The bag is as big as a normal sized hand with two different bags closed via zippers: you can use the whole bag space opened at the upper part or you use the zipper at the side to fill a baby pocket which is on top. The storage might look tiny, but there is room for a phone, keys, cards, a lip balm, an energy bar - whatever you need! The best thing is that with its straps, you are able to hold it or adjust it and hang it around your neck. With the thin and breatheable material you can easily wear it beneath your shirt. Et voilà!
This bag was planned to accompany me during my runs, but after Paris and NYC, I noticed how handy it is to use it for hiking, shopping, or a quick chat with someone. No more big bags and hands full of things - an easy and uncomplicated bag buddy. Yes, I call it a buddy. I'm happy I invested (geez, this bag is the opposite of expensive).

Now after my run on the Williamsburg bridge - a little intervall training, I decided to enjoy a cool down walk in China Town, it's on my way home, why not? I have been there a couple of times now - my mind still repeats the image from 2001 - ducks hanging in the shop windows. Not this time.
I dug a bit deeper.
I appreciate Chinese culture more, since I am surrounded by it a lot. This time, I was on the hunt. I walked and passed fresh smelling shops selling exotic veggies and fruits. I hear people speaking Mandarin - feels like home, haha. Almost done in China Town, I found the coolest Chinese bakery, selling anything from super fluffy pancakes, to custard cakes, and traditional old baking things. I looked around and left the bakery, deciding I would come back tomorrow to treat myself.

A dream workout, if you ask me.