7:29 PM During my stay in NYC, I was really lucky to catch a tiny summer "heat" wave at the end of October. You know what this means: tshirts, skirts, a lot of skin.
The sky was beyond pretty, so I took this opportunity to spend my lunch break at the Brooklyn Bridge Park. It's so funny, I went to Brooklyn so many times and I walked the Brooklyn Bridge more than once, but I have never been to the park down by the river!

I covered myself with snacks and drinks and I walked to the park. With me many tourists who had the same idea! Nevermind.
I found a cute spot on a grassy hill right next to a Jewish family who was picknicking (such a good idea!). Far behind was a group of younger guys playing football and if you ask me, I felt like heaven on earth - I didn't want to leave. The people around me seemed to feel the same way...

There is nothing better than disconnecting for a little bit. Forgetting about the stress, enjoy a meal that makes you happy, and treat yourself with the most delicious view. No matter where you look at, the view is beyond rewarding!

The skyline, miss Liberty, more beautiful buildings, and the sound of the waves crushing! I love the Brooklyn Bridge Park, since you can do all the cool things: relax, meditate, workout (with a view), bring your friends and eat a little bit, bring the whole family - there is so much more to explore

On special piers, they also offer certain programs where you can participate such as beach clean-ups, running events, or nature related stuff. I love it and I will definitely come back to experience ALL of it. Until now I can only share my quiet mid-day hours at Brooklyn Bridge Park with you - I left the scene with a happy heart! It was so worth it!