9:31 PM After I checked in at my hotel, I was still off with my mind so I decided to take a walk. Greeting my neighborhood, seeing if this old guy at the deli is still there - did anything change? I walked down the Bowery, entering China Town - so much trash.

I know NYC and it's dirty streets, the full trash cans, plastic bags flying around. It was "charming", this is NYC: dirty, but charming. It's still my dream city, my home. But this time I was annoyed. I got pretty aggressive at a certain point, because I can not tolerate this anymore. I noticed everyone carrying plastic bags. Bags to carry the food, clothing, tiny things, or just a magazine. What for? I looked around to see who's carrying a reusable bottle or tumbler for the coffee. NYC is full of Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks and everyone is using their cups - good for you, you got your coffee, but bad for our oceans.Don't forget your straw...

I was shocked. I stood around Washington Square Park and just watched people - 2/10 were caring. This was a lot to be honest, because at other places you saw people with more than a plastic cup in their hands. And they didn't care. Why should they...
Back at my hotel room I was desperately thinking about a solution. Can we please do something? We need to start getting active.

No straws. There's a better and healthier alternative.
No plastic cups. There's a better and healthier alternative. (Bring your own tumbler and you will save 30-50cents).
Say no to plastic bags. There's a better and healthier alternative. Bring your own!

Man, even at Old Navy I was discussing at the register that I don't need a plastic bag to carry my sports bra - I was fine with my backpack and extra tote bag which I always carry with me. This dude didn't listen. "Here's your bag, take it." he smiled. I asked him if someone charges anything for this shit and he said no.
How can this be.
How can we live such different lives?

I missed Europe for a second, being such a good leader with bag fees or no plastic bags at all. So many companies start to wake up and here I NYC, my hero, and my comfort Zone. I started to feel uncomfortable.
I took the plastic bag and left. Shit.

At the airport I brainstormed ideas.
We need to change something. Man, we need to do something.

I felt so helpless and stupid at the airport. I behaved so well and tried to be 80% green in NYC - I wanted to lead by example. But here I was - at the airport. On my way back home and NYC will be as dirty as I left it. Everything will just continue to be the same (or even worse?). I can't talk to every NYCer and make them understand the issue we are facing. I just can't... But I can be creative. That's why I did this tiny video for you, for me, for us.

A reminder which teaches us to overthink our behavior.
A life lesson to be more green or start a sustainable lifestyle - why not?

I do this for the oceans. I will always fight for you.

Dear NYCers, dear city people - share this. Spread the word! It's my birthday today and I believe there's no better day than today to share this! I want to raise awareness and with my fundraise I want to collect money for the oceans with your help! Please head over to my fundraise page to help independent organizations like Parley.

Thank you for your support, lovebirds!
I appreciate you a lot!