4:27 PM It's the season of baking and the season of eat as much as you can. Grandmas and moms - take out your rolling pins and flour - it's time to get dirty. Baking was always something I admired when I looked at my grandma or my mom as soon as she bakes her cheesecake. 
I didn't bake with my grandma, only with my mom, but I am so happy to have my grannie's cookie recipe for Christmas which makes me feel like she's around whenever I bake and eat these rockstars.

I love when the older generations bake for the whole family - traditions which makes the time of the year even cozier, but I have to admit that I love baking, too. I love picking up these traditions and I try to give my mom a break as well. 
I got pleeeenty of recipes and with a modern twist (I'm a little gourmet here and then) I like to give the old recipes a little highlight or new flavor - why not?

Since I shared a fancy ombré colored Christmas tree cookie recipe, I thought I should stick to this winning team - sugar cookies are always the perfect remedy for anything! 
This year though, we want to give them a little Asian twist, you can read it in the title: we mix our traditional cookies with some sexy matcha green tea! 

Before planning this, I wasn't sure if this will turn out. I did a lot of matcha dessert creations, but I wasn't sure if this is anti Christmas or too abstract. I drink green tea on a daily basis - I don't think that matcha is associated with Christmas...but still I wanted to give this a try. 

For our German sugar cookies, we have many different recipes, many varities, and there's one dear favorite which I would like to share. It's called "Hildabrötchen" - Hilda cookies, or as you might know them, "Linzer Cookies". To make it less's a simple sugar cookie sandwhich filled with your favorite jam and coated with powdered sugar. 
As a kid, I loved to eat these with raspberry jam and I always tried to steal them before my dad would eat them all. They were holy. 

This year I am brave. I add matcha to the sugar cookie dough and my choice of jam is a rich blueberry jam - my current favorite. 

Ready to try my matcha Christmas bakery?


YOU NEED 250g margarine + 250g sugar + 8g vanilla sugar + 500g flour + 2 eggs + 2 tablespoons matcha powder (I used Paper & Tea's) + 100-150g jam (I used Bonne Maman's) + 150g powdered sugar + 1 egg for the eggwash 

1. Feel free to prepare the dough days before, or at least 24h before you start baking. The dough should be super cool, because then you have less struggles to cut your cookies and knead the dough. 
2. Take the margarine which should be at room temperature and mix it with the sugar. 
3. When the mixture is at a creamy texture, add the eggs, and continue stirring the dough.
4. In a second bowl, mix the flour with the matcha powder and add it then to the creamy egg-sugar-butter mix. 
5. Take your time with the dough. Let all the ingredients blend well and if your kitchen machine is not helping you a lot, don't worry, this dough is also made to kneed it with the hands. Take the dough out of the bowl and kneed it for at least 2-3 minutes. Make sure there are no clumps or anything disturbing.
6. Once the dough feels smooth, put it in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours, over night, or freeze it and take it out whenever you need it. I always prepare the dough ahead and freeze it. Whenever I feel in the mood to bake, I am super flexible and I can start right away. 
7. When the dough is throughout cold again, (or if you go with the freezing option) take your dough out of the frigde (or freezer - with the freezer option, the dough needs a little more time to get ready) and prepare your working space with flour so the dough won't stick to the surface. 
8. Take a rolling pin, dust it with flour and roll out the dough - it should be 1cm thick - don't roll it out too thin. 
9. Preheat your oven to 180°C and start cutting out your cookies. 
10. Line the cookies on your baking sheet and warm up your jam in the microwave. 
11. For each Hilda cookie you take one cookie as your base and then you place a second on top. The second cookie should have a whole in the middle which is reserved for the jam. 
12. Press the second cookie on the first one and make sure that they really stick. Take out one egg and prepare an eggwash with which you will brush each cookie. 
13. With the jam, you will fill the whole of your cookie and then they are ready to be baked. Bake your Hildas for 8 minutes until they get a golden glow. 
14. As soon as they are done, spread powdered sugar over the cookies. It has to be done right after the baking since the warm cookies and the sugar stick way better. 
15. Let the cookies cool down and then eat them ALL, haha. 

Yeah, it sounds like a little bit of work, but it can all be done. 
Most you want to miss this? I don't think so! Invite a friend to come over and the baking will be even more fun! 

Shall I tell you how yummy this recipe turned out? Well, I can tell you that my fear in the beginning was bullshit. This recipe is beyond! Thank you grandma and thank you to my dear favorite tea! 

If you happen to try these Christmas cookies, please share and tell me about your taste experience! 

Happy baking ~