2:05 PM Sometimes I have to admit that I really love or enjoy German culture...especially during Christmas time! December is my favorite month of the year, not only because of my birthday, but also because of Nikolaus and Christmas Eve
Many people don't know about Nikolaus and here I am smiling and thinking that you guys are really missing out, haha. 
As a candy freak, Nikolaus might be your favorite day as well - on December 6th, kids get all kind of chocolate and candy inside of their boots which they put in front of their door one night earlier. The next day, the kids wake up and get a boot full of candy, all delivered by the holy St. Nikolaus. 

When I was a kid, it was more traditional... if you know about St. Nikolaus, then you know that he actually didn't bring expensive gifts and 10 chocolate Santas, but he brought a bag full of nuts and tangerines...that's how he helped the poor. 
I also got walnuts and tangerines as a kid - I thought it was cool to get something with only putting my boot in front of the door, haha. It was such an exciting day, topped with a little bit of chocolate. 

Today as a big kid, I still get a tiny Nikolaus gift. No more nuts and tangerines, but chooocolate. 

I thought that this year, I want to shift my focus on traditions which made me smile. Traditions that everyone forgets...

For today's fruity pleasures I want to say hi to Santa and St. Nikolaus. Ever since, I am a lover of tangerines and I can't live without them during winter - thanks St. Nikolaus. 
My perfect winter mixture for a little snack or a refreshing breakfast salad would be tangerines and pomegranate - SO GOOD! 

Invest this season and get a bucket full of these sweet orange dudes! The mix of sweet and sour makes your mouth explode and smile beyond ~ Don't forget the extra vitamins to fight the winter cold ~

Happy sweet season ~