11:55 AM I’m honest…Christmas guides kind of frustrate me sometimes. I don’t want to bother you with stupid ideas throughout December – there is more important stuff to talk about. I’m always here to help you or inspire you and that’s why I keep doing these guides during holiday season! In comparison to other blogs, I try to share things which everyone could really use or maybe something funny which would be a highlight at every Christmas party where you are invited to.

Right now, I am looking for the last presents for my loved ones. This year is a tough one, haha. I am happy when all this shopping is over, but I also can’t wait to see the sale deals after Christmas… especially kitchen stuff will be on my list! Just look at this guide above! I looove shopping things for the kitchen or any gourmet friends – food connects and it’s the best thing to give as a present if you ask me.

So let’s enjoy today’s food and kitchen selection – maybe you know someone who could use something from the above. How about the dinosaur oven mitt? This is how you can make me happy, haha.

Did you already buy all your Christmas gifts?

Don’t take gifts too serious ~ Make your loved ones smile no matter with whatever you will get them ~

Bottle T2 / Salted Honey Bees Knees / Spoons Fishs Eddy / Cup Snow Peak / Cherry Bombe Cookbook / Dinosaur Oven Mitt / Coffee Maker Chemex / Green Juice Gummies Sugarfina / Candy Box Dylan's Candy Bar / Avocado huggers