3:44 PM Oh yeah, Christmas can be hella stressful - all this cooking and all the people around... It's definitely helpful to set a little time table or a to-do list to really stay focused and do everything with less stress. 

Who needs unnecessary stress during the holidays? 

Well, I don't and that's why I decided to create a new mix for the holidays. I created so much musical material for this season from jazz to traditional stuff like George Michael (rest in peace...) for me and my family, but I totally ignored the fact that my body or total system could also benefit from a mix which totally calms me down, 
Some beats that help me start into a hectic day, or a smooth melody that soothes me when I feel stressed. 

The motto is...be humble (you will hear this clue in the mix haha). 
I don't want to talk too much: I want you to have a fantastic Christmas morning and a satisfying dinner with your loved ones! 

If your heart happens to run super fast, take your time to slow down. 
Take some minutes for yourself - you deserve it!

There's plenty of dirty dishes in the kitchen? Don't worry - sit down and listen to this mix... smile and be merry! Time is so precious these days - don't stress out during the holidays! 

and enjoy all the good stuff. 

I hope you like this mindful Christmas mix!
If this is too calm, make sure to listen to my other "normal" Christmas mix!