7:41 PM (This is only for short trips or such - don't worry if you read the title and wonder what I'm talking about)
I'm not a luggage expert and oh boy, I always pack too much stuff, but my last Paris trip was an eye-opener and such a good experience. 
Since I was packing for two trips at the same time, I quickly decided to visit Paris with a backpack only and take my heavy suitcase with me to New York. 

My Paris stay was a total of 34h and I was also not in the mood to take a suitcase with me to the run - too much stuff is not needed so why that stress? A backpack is enough - I accept this challenge. 

Unfortunately, my plan was almost not working out, because I only have one huge backpack (an old one from H&M which I actually wanted to throw away...if you travel somewhere with a backpack, please invest in a more expensive model with a padded back part and so on). 

I paid my price. 
During the run I had the worst back pain, because my cheap backpack was killing me. 

Nevertheless, taking my backpack with me was such a relief and awesome experience at the same time. To be honest, I always wondered how people could go on vacation with a backpack only. What do they take with themselves and isn't that too heavy? I had a lot of respect, but I knew I won't ever do it in the future...why should I?

Et voilà, here I was, standing in the middle of Paris with my backpack only. 
And guess what, I felt good. 

In total I carried my 3 pairs of shoes with me, a running outfit, sleeping and beauty stuff, extra souvenirs or whatever I buy, and a changing outfit. 
When I packed at home, I was afraid I forget a lot, but it was so easy to prepare everything - it went beyond smoothly. 
I rolled almost all of my pieces and when it comes to my beauty stuff, I was pretty minimalistic. You really don't need everything! I was surprised how much I was able to put in my backpack that way. 

Now let's check why you should consider travelling like this when you head to your next destination.

1. I already mentioned it, when you decide to travel with a carry-on, you are forced to only take things with you which you really need. If you ask yourself while packing if you will wear this and that top, leave it at home. When you know that you need it, you will automatically pack it. Don't think about options: if I take this then I should also take that and the other shirt also, just in case. NO. Do I need it? No, not really. Okay, then it will stay at home. Don't worry, everything will turn out awesome, you won't be naked.

2. This leads to this next Point, carrying less. When I came back from NYC, I had ca. 5-6 Shirts and 2 shorts with me which I didn't wear. I was mad that I took them with me...because my suitcase was too full! I had to pack a lot of stuff into my carry-on. So unnecessary. The less you pack, the happier your back is and the more pleasant is your travel journey. 

3. Already shopped too much during your vacation? Sometimes I am in a rush and I totally forget that there are limits when it comes to the luggage's weight. The airline companies are really tough when it comes to extra costs with heavy luggage...no one wants that! With a carry-on you never have to pay anything extra - no worries, more smiles!

4. If you happen to travel inside Europe, for example, you can fly with tinier airline companies. They always offer super cheap flights! The negative thing about them is that you are only allowed to travel for free with a carry-on, but as soon as you want to travel with a heavy suitcase, you have to pay a lot. Boom, those flights scream our name! Carry-on only and cheap flight? Go for it! You can save a lot of money if you once say no to your favorite suitcase.

5. Each time I arrive at the airport and I am on my way to the baggage claim, I am scared that my suitcase might have been lost somewhere. This feeling never leaves me...
If you decide to go with a simple backpack, you always got your stuff under control and no one can take it from you! What a relaxing thought...

6. In general, you save so much time if you travel with a backpack carry-on - don't you think? Before your holidays start, you pack everything in a couple of minutes. At the airport, there is no hours of waiting for your suitcases and unpacking at the hotel or your home is also super fast. 
Why wasting important time of yours?

7. This experience will also make you such a better organized person. I already said it, when I travelled to NYC, I basically threw all my stuff in the suitcase, because I thought I needed more and more - just in case something happens. I had no list and somehow I imagined 2 outfits a day inside my head - I was a bit confused and somewhere on cloud 9...
Before you go on vacation with a carry-on, you are kind of forced to plan everything and make a list. You will structure your vacation and decide what outfits and products matter during your stay. It is such a sweet feeling when you travel and you are carefree, because everything is planned, packed, and easy peasy. Who says no to such a vacation?

Did you ever experience a vacation with a carry-on only? 
Please share your experiences or tips if you have any!

Right below I got some backpack ideas for you if you happen to plan a smooth getaway soon! Which is your favorite?