9:27 PM It has been a while that I talked about beauty stuff and with all the travelling, I have added some new things to my beauty routine which I definitely want to share with you.
But first...
With my last trip to Paris, I also experienced my first minimal beauty challenge....crazy. I never thought I would think about stuff like that, but yeah, I'm getting older, too, and my travels are getting weirder here and then.

To be honest...I loved being a kid - not travelling with so much beauty stuff, what a happy travelling time! Getting older, I was always looking forward to pack my stuff and take all my favorite lip glosses with me...Hell, I bought extra beauty supply, because I wanted to look super fancy.
Today, I got more than three highlighters, tons of lip glosses and I never know what kind of nail polish I am wearing each day, so I basically take all of my stuff with me (at home I store my stuff in a Nike Air Force 1 shoe box - it's beyond full).

I was talking about this topic a lot the last days: minimal travelling with a carry-on only. It was fun and such a cool experience, but it had so much planning involved.
I took it too easy, I was super frustrated, and I was also nervous, because I was constantly thinking if I forgot something at home.
What shall I take with me when I am gone, but I don't have that much space in my backpack?
Which of my three highlighters am I taking with me? What do I really need? Shall I pack xy just in case? This was awful.

I broke it down to 10 things (it actually started with 8 and I bought two extra products):
1. Tiger Balm
2. Benefit's Sun Beam highlighter
3. NEW Glossier moisturizer 
4. Manhattan nail polish
5. Marc Jacobs lipstick
6. NEW Glossier birthday balm dotcom
7. Tony Moly So Cool Eye Stick 
8. Bamboo tooth brush
9. Marc Jacobs Highliner 
10. Lush toothy tabs (tooth paste tabs)

I am so surprised how well I was surviving.

I guess you know the feeling...you want to look sexy during your vacation and just feel good. You know what? I was in Paris to shine, but also to just run my god damn race, so I took my simple basics with me - the stuff that I really needed and I treated myself with some fancy recovery things, but also the famous Glossier products which finally entered my world. Too much to handle...haha.

I basically brought all the tiny 5 minute routine products with me which made me feel fresh, shiny, and a little sexy as well. Mixing beauty stuff with products that benefit to my well-being, I love that and I shouldn't forget about that.
I totally won this time, because I realized that taking too much with me during my travels doesn't make sense - who is using all of that? No one.

Man, this minimal travelling is changing something inside of me. I love it.
To some of the products, I will surely say something more in the future. Especially the little panda that always appears in my last weeks' posts.

Now, I pass the mic. Tell me about your beauty routine during your travels! Rather more or less beauty in your suitcases? Which product NEEDS to be in your packed things?

Get my selection below and invest in pieces which really rock your world - no matter where you are.

I want to encourage you to cut your stuff. Cut it down to simple things - you can look sexy with anything or NOTHING on. Sit down and make a list: what do I need? Hey, what does my body actually need? Surprise yourself and see how well you can survive. Tiny doesn't mean something bad ~