Do you feel cozy yet? I have to admit that I am enjoying this cold and wet November somehow. When I came back from NYC, I realized how much I lived in the future! All our trees are barely naked while in NYC the trees finally start to change their colors. Nevertheless, one can really feel that fall is here and all the happy holidays are on their way! I am sad that Halloween is over, but I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Good food is ahead of us and I am beyond excited to try ALL of it!

"Luckily", we are not Thanksgiving crazy in Germany, so we still got a little more time to prepare for Christmas. I am not sure yet if I will at least celebrate a small Friendsgiving (you know I started to love cooking for special occasions). Enough about me.
I don't want to write a long intro and my mind is already jumping up and down because of today's post!

I love the traditional American Thanksgiving menu - bye bye diet. But here and then I believe that we are able to create even better classics! Traditional food with a twist, maybe new ingredients that you are not familiar with...

As a German potato kid, I am proud to present you my take on a sexy side dish which always rocks my world: mashed potatoes.

There are days where I need a big bowl of mashed potatoes and nothing else! I guess this is a true German soul food and I am not mad about it!

Most of you might scream, because you think of all the butter and milk which is being used here - lovebirds, I got y'all! I eat dairy free so yeahhh, I found my way to still enjoy my dear mashed p's. Okay, and what's so special about this recipe?

I always wanted to mix potatoes with pumpkin, a little upgrade regarding color and flavor! Et voilà, I realized that this combo is the best to enjoy a rich and festive bowl of mashed dreams.

It's pumpkin season! They are super cheap right now and you get beautiful flavors and colors right now: butternut, hokkaido, spaghetti,...
Do you know what I love the most about this recipe? If you happen to buy a whole pumpkin for this recipe, you can use it for at least two more recipes, because you don't need all of it. * Use the remaining pumpkin for pumpkin spice syrup or pumpkin fries ~

(for 4 people)

YOU NEED 14 potatoes + half of a pumpkin mashed to pumpkin puree + 2 tablespoons butter + 1/4 Cup milk + salt + pepper + nutmeg optional honey pepper to garnish 

(Dairy Free) 14 potatoes + half of a pumpkin mashed to pumpkin puree + 2-3 tablespoons vegan butter (I use a vegan butter cream which is mixed with Avocado oil) + 1/4 Cup rice milk + salt + pepper + nutmeg optional honey pepper to garnish

1. Prepare your potatoes and cook them in salted water until they are done. Currently, I like to cook my potatoes with a hint of tumeric powder which also makes them super yellow and bright!
2. If you happen to use canned pumpkin puree - open your can, if not, prepare your pumpkin! Cut it in halves and remove all the seeds. Now cut little chunks so that the pumpkin is faster cooked and ready to be mashed in a mixer. I like to prepare this step one day ahead, so I don't have to wait for so long until everything is cooked. 
3. Once your pumpkin and potatoes are ready, put them together in a pot and add the butter and the milk. Mix it with a hand mixer until everything is creamy and delicious. 
4. You are almost done. Add all the spices: salt, pepper and nutmeg. Try your mashed potatoes: need more spice? Add more nutmeg. Not creamy enough? Add more milk. 
5. Once your done, garnish it with a pinch of pepper or herbs, I love to use honey pepper which gives the dish a tiny sweetness! 
6. Btw can also try this recipe with sweet potatoes!

Tell me about your perfect mashed p's recipe!

Will you cook potatoes for your Thanksgiving dinner?
Let me know!

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today:  Kartoffel — potato.