3:21 PM I know this week I am treating you with many posts, but I got a really tight schedule! I want to share as much as I can, but don't bore you or overwork you here, haha. Bare with me. 
The time has come to finally share some NYC impressions with you...you know my whole body is nervous to show you all the images, delicious treats, and whatever I did in the city. 
This was one of my best times ever in NYC and I miss my home beyond already...

I thought it's the best timing to make my heart happy again and share a Special "Sneaker Thursday" with you! A tiny NYC vibe for those, who would love to be in the Big Apple right now...

Unfortunately, you won't see the city, but you will see something which I love from the bottom of my heart! Sneakers, sneakers, sneakers ~

I love browsing what kind of sneakers are going to be released soon and I really enjoy watching the different colorways and designs...but sometimes I wonder who is buying a certain shoe design and even more importantly, how do these people combine their sneakers? 

When I am dressing up, I often try to imagine how the people in NYC would wear certain things...
I have been in NYC, I have a certain idea about my home - but there are people who have never been there. 

That's why I was shooting this little sneakers video while I was there ~
For you. 

I hope you enjoy this sweet visual material! 

What's your favorite sneaker right now?