1:38 PM I am super excited to write this post today! You know about my love for Christmas and food! Now that our lovely Christmas markets open, I feel so happy to spread holiday vibes every day. This is why today is the perfect day to start telling you about my Special Christmas project! I want to inspire you and especially treat you with nice things around Christmas...that's why I brainstormed through summer to have a very green holiday idea for you. 

My dear Paper and Tea family is such an amazing part of my healthy journey and I feel a lot of love for the company so I wanted to continue creating recipes with their amazing tea! 
While I was super creative last year with my ombré colored sugar cookie trees, I want to keep it "simple" this year! 

I love matcha, I love, love, love it so much. I have included it so many times into my cakes, cookies, and pancakes - but never into my holiday cookies! Challenge accepted ~

I want to spread green vibes to all of you! Give your traditional recipes a little twist and try something new! 

To start my matcha series, I want to share a recipe I tried from Paper and Tea's blog which I needed it in my pantry! Especially for baking, this is an amazing idea: matcha salt! 

Ever tried it? Me neither! Every sweet recipe needs a pinch of salt to highlight the sweetness...
Now imagine matcha salt complimenting your heaven! 

Let's get busy and prepare this lovely idea! Also - if you happen to have baking or cooking friends, make this as the perfect Christmas gift. It's not expensive and you will make the gifted person smile! 

via P&T

YOU NEED 1/4 Cup kosher salt + 1/4 teaspoon Shinto Matcha 

1. Take out a glass container or box where you will store your salt mixture. 
2. Measure your ingredients, put them into the container and mix well. 
3. Store your salt with your baking ingredients, so you don't forget to use it the next time you bake a cake! 

I got my matcha salt in front of me right now and if you could smell this...I love the smell of matcha. The salt and matcha powder transform to a sweet and silky treasure of your pantry - don't believe me? Try out the recipe and come back soon to see the first recipe! A little hint, I will bake two German classics. ~

Until then ~ keep on baking and let the kitchen smell fantastic! 

*This post is not sponsored - I bought all my ingredients and I share my own opinion