Sonntag, November 5


7:14 PM How do you prepare for a race? NYC marathon babes (I was thinking about you a lot today) – how do you prepare the evening before the big race? I always try to sleep a lot and get my mindset right with a lot of meditating. Since I always race while I am on vacation, I also want my time to be special and not wasted. With this I mean, that I can’t stay in bed all day, just to feel relaxed the next day.

I stayed in Paris for 34h which is nothing – I only had one evening in the city and I wanted to also treat myself this night. I changed my outfit, put my latest and craziest sneaker addition on, and walked around in my Parisian neighborhood. I decided to spend one more time at Colette, before the legend itself will close its doors very soon.

On my way back to the hotel, I still needed dinner and I was in the mood for something really bad. Five Guys was just a street away and so I went there, following this huge line of hangry people. Since it was too crowded and super expensive, I decided to go to Burger King and enjoy my dinner in bed. Yes, that’s what I did.

I took off my pants, stayed in my oversized sweater and to still feel sexy, I left on my silky sneakers as well. Why not? I closed the curtains, turned on the TV and while a Hip Hop documentary was on, I was in the mood to jump on my bed and just Dance. Feel good and enjoy the moment.

Je suis à Paris. Je veux faire trop des choses et je les veux déguster. N’est pas?

No matter if you are on vacation or you stay home and enjoy an evening off – create a moment like this. Wear something cozy, forget about everything and just dance. Shake the stress away, treat yourself with nasty food and fall asleep like a baby.

On race day I woke up a bit tired (I danced too long), but I was super relaxed and beyond happy. I took this memory with me home and I wrote it also in my personal book. Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Self-care is always nice with a little help of sexy sneakers.

How do you like Rihanna’s Puma collection? I didn’t have many chances wearing my lovelies, since the color is hard to combine here and then, but as soon as I wear them, I can be sure that the people around me notice and stare. So I keep on shining with my satin bows ~ and I’ll be having a another burger date with myself very soon again!

Below you can get the sneakers as well! Some of Rihanna's creations are really catchy! Respect to that! 

Cheers and happy Sunday to all of you!

*Thanks to my Foot Locker family to always hooking me up! 
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