Dienstag, November 7

9:49 AM What I love about travelling is always finding a cool place to stay at. My sleep is holy and so I want to have a nice place to spend the night and end the day in the perfect way possible. 

When I was younger, I didn't care about my hotels in general - I booked the cheapest stuff around. Now, I allow myself to spend a little bit more, if I see certain benefits or whatever. 
For my 34h trip to Paris, I wanted to treat myself. I knew that in NYC (which followed right after my Paris trip) I will stay at the Bowery again, where I have no privacy, so in Paris it was all about treating myself. 

I wanted something with a huge and cozy bed where I can sleep like a baby right before my run in the next morning. Since Nike did this awful planning, I had to cancel my hotel which forced me to go on a hunt again...Unfortunately, almost everything was sold out, except of Hotel Panache. 135€ for a night is a lot, but I didn't want to end up at a weird sleep dorm where I can't rest. 

I checked hotel Panache's website and fell in love with their interior and concept. I was happy to stay with them, although my heart was bleeding to pay so much, haha. 

Since I was beyond excited, I decided to write the team at Panache and tell them about my visit and also that I am planning to write about them. The staff was pretty sweet and answered right away which was a top service. But, I was surprised when I came to the hotel...

First of all, to me it was hard finding it - there are no huge signs or anything that could tell you that you are walking the right or wrong way. I got lost, of course, and my cellphone battery was beyond low...I had the address and I walked the right way and I also stood in front of it, but I didn't notice that this was the actual hotel, because there was no hotel sign. 
You will only find a P on the dark building's wall - that's your orientation point (in case you are going there as well).
That's even worse in the evening. Walking around in the dark is horrible when you don't have a light sign or whatever that could help tourists getting along.

*here I also want to share my French kisses story that I mention in the title: no, it's not dirty, I'm sorry, but now I got your Attention.

In my 10k recap, I told you that I was going out for burgers before my huge run. I walked around the city and tried to enjoy Paris "at night" when everyone is out, having fun, and the lights are on. It was a very pleasant night and I really didn't want to go back to my hotel - I just wanted to be and live in the moment.
My head told me I need to hurry back, because I also need to meditate one more time and then I will treat my legs with a massage before I go to dreamland. 
I took my Burger King bag and started going back. 30 minutes later, I ended somewhere else. I thought I remembered the way, but I took so many pics that I didn't notice that I went too far. 
I went to people around me and asked them for the way, but no one knew the hotel, or spoke English in general. I also tried it in French, but somehow French people act weird when I speak their language (I'm sorry, I tried)
Then, I saw two older people coming and I thought about asking them - why not? Old people are always nice, right? The two stopped and the woman started speaking a wonderful English with the sweetest French accent. She took out her cellphone and checked where to go - unfortunately, we found a total wrong address online and everyone of us was just confused. 
I googled one more time before my loved IPhone died again (everytime the same s#%.), I found the right address. The man explained everything in a very abstract way and I just had to moan. The woman hugged the man good bye and said that she would come with me, she lives close to that street. I was confused, but happy. 
Meanwhile, my burgers and fries were super cold, but at least I was on my way to the hotel again!
The woman was charming and so cool! She must have been 70+, but she was so fit and sparkled joy and happiness on to everything and everyone she touched. 
While walking, she showed me the prettiest architecture and she also knew all the history about it! I couldn't even ask something or stop her, she was all over with her Paris love story. I could feel how much she loves this city and it inspired me! 
Then, we reached the hotel and she told me some more sights I should see and visit - wow a free tour guide, haha, merci beaucoup. This experience was crazy and somehow we stood 15 more minutes in front of the hotel, because I just enjoyed talking to this helpful lady. She had something that I enjoyed from the first moment we met. 
I didn't know how to say thank you to her. I mean did she leave her date earlier just to help me find the hotel? Or is this what old French ladies always do? Remember, she was the only one who could help me...
I asked her if I could do something for her. Does she need anything? I don't want to give her a tip - that's cheap. She said the only thing that makes her happy and satisfied would be a kiss on the cheek. I was like, ok - if that's all, alright. 
I also gave her a big hug and said merci, then I entered the hotel. Walking up the stairs I was still a bit confused, but I could feel this woman's happiness everywhere! How crazy was that? I'm always happy and grateful for people like this.

Spread your sparkle, yo!

Let's continue with the hotel. 
While I thought that the hotel knew that I was coming, I was expecting a super clean and chic room at my arrival. When I entered, I was a bit shocked. 
It seems like the person before me was using the bathroom and shower a lot and so my whole carpet was wet and I couldn't walk barefoot on it.
The cleaning staff lost some of their bath lotions which did not only lay on my bathroom floor, but also in front of my hotel room. 

I was happy to be booking a room with a water boiler because I was travelling with my favorite Paper and Tea tea which should make me feel calm before the race. 
Last year, I stood in the shower to prepare a warm cup of tea, haha, you might remember the video.
Before I speak my critic, I had to laugh, because my dear Paper and Tea family is well represented at the hotel. I didn't know that and I was positively surprised. I still wanted to enjoy the Paper and Tea tea that I brought along, but I was shocked how dirty the cups were. Brown stains are not inviting to have a cup of tea! Luckily, I travelled with my Snow Peak mug and so I had no problems enjoying my pefect cup of tea. 

While those are my negative points, I also enjoyed positive things about the hotel and my room. I loved the huge bed and the interior was really intriguing. Next to a big closet, you can also find a little Snack bar with drinks and food which should have prices on (the lady told me) but there were no prices - so I didn't touch anything. 
Yeah, the staff was not as nice as in the mails, but that was okay. I tried to ignore it. 

All in all, hotel Panache is a nice place to stay if you need a Little weekend get-away.

The hotel is in a vibrant area, but at night it is so quiet and you will have a really deep sleep. I loved the privacy there and I also enjoyed the choice of furniture and the use of geometric figures everywhere. Did I mention the light yet? The light in the rooms is just perfect - those little things make me so happy. I'm a sucker for lights ~

The hotel's shape reminds of the New York Flatiron building and certain things such as the paper good you get in your room or also the mini bar snacks represent traditional Parisian companies and their original crafts. I like that. 

Also I was surprised that I could do my yoga and stretch routines in my room - but everything was possible, it was perfect! 

I only wish the clean/dirty factors would have been right, especially because I talked to the staff earlier. No one likes negative feedback and I hate being so annoying here, complaining about this and that, but hey, I payed for this. And I hope this was only a one time mistake.

Did you go to hotel Panache yet? 
Or do you have a favorite Parisian hotel? Please share!

If you like to stay pretty central, not too far away from Monmartre and the Sacré Coeur, hotel Panache is a good place to stay! Since everyone is on the run during the day and sleep is the most important, I can promise that you will have the best sleep in their beds! Try it ~

Hotel Panache, 1 rue Geoffroy-Marie, Paris 

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