8:56 PM Thanksgiving is knocking on our doors and I hope everyone feels calm and excited (slow down, lovebirds)!
When Thanksgiving is showing up, people stop for a second and think about things for which they are thankful for. Aren't we thankful all year around? Maybe we should be more thankful.

I'm definitely happy that Thanksgiving is always helping us to unwind and focus on what's important. This week is just perfect to disconnect and spread happy vibes. Since I am not celebrating Thanksgiving this year, I still want to share a thankful note.
I try to be very thankful, but sometimes life happens and I focus more on stress and how to balance my well-being.

One thing I have appreciated more this year is the ocean, our oceans.

I don't want to annoy you with the ocean talk all the time, but I hope one or two people out there wake up and take action themselves, motivate others and just spread the message. An important message. If the oceans die, we will die. I talked about this so much and I won't stop until we finally start walking into the same direction.

I care about mi oceans and you should, too.
I want to save mi oceans and you should, too.
I am thankful for what the oceans are doing for us.
I am thankful to finding new ways which benefit our oceans.
I am thankful to have diverse platforms where I can spread the word and especially more love for mi oceans.

Do you care?
I created a fundraise to collect some money which I want to donate to organizations like Parley, Lonely Whale, or beach clean-ups from around the world.
We are in this together. 
Are you with me? 

Please head over to my fundraise and leave anything starting from 1€! 
I really appreciate it!