4:27 PM I don't consider myself a fashion blogger, but I'm diggin' fashion af. My biggest passion are sneakers though...together with the right outfit, they make me feel sexy here and then. I say here and then, because not every sneaker I own is giving me the "beyond sexy feeling" - but today's shoes I want to show you are definitely my favorite cherry on top. I never wear these, though...haha.

I think I rather look at them on my shoe shelf than on my feet...I don't want to get them dirty and I want to keep them as long as I can: because they are lit!!!!
I'm talking about the Air Force 1 "City Pack" Paris

When I packed for my Paris trip, I wasn't sure what kind of shoes I should bring along...
I looked at my shoe shelf and I knew that it's time to bring my AF's to Paris, since it's the perfect occasion to wear a favorite pair in one of my favorite cities. I think the Parisian people liked them as well ~

I decided to go all black that day, because it was all about my AF's (not seen on the picture: my flower and dots bomber jacket).
You just have to love these shoes, right? On top of the shoe you can see lines which imitate the city map of Paris and a big spot which represents the main sight, the Eiffel Tower. A good Google maps for on the go or such...

I'm pretty happy that I got these and I will always treat them as if they were my babies! Lovebirds, once you find a sexy sneaker, maybe a special edition or whatever else, invest. Don't think about the money if your heart is beating for it! 
I own these for too long and I still love them just like I got them yesterday. 

What is your favorite sneaker pair? Do you own a special design which no one wears on a daily?