7:13 PM Lovebirds, I am so happy that my kitchen stories seem to be so popular amongst all of you. You should know that I am not a pro, I'm still learning, but I love to experiment and I love to share all the good stuff with y'all. 
Especially during this time of the year, I spent too much time in the kitchen. I test many new recipes, but I also like to share classics or traditions with which I grew up. 

So yeah, Thanksgiving is coming closer and closer. 
Are you ready? Have you thought about your dinner yet? 

Lately, I am learning to be better with leftovers or stuff that hides in the deepest corners in my pantry. Why all this fancy food all the time? We can create the best stuff out of nothing...I'm serious

For this Thanksgiving, I already shared my pumpkin mashed potatoes recipe, because it's heaven. But I also wanted to share something way easier with you. Yes, it can be so much easier. 
Sometimes, you just have to open the fridge and meditate for a minute. What do you see? Can I cook something out of it? Let's try... Even better: today's recipes are perfect to create ahead! 

You deserve to have a very simple and stress-free Thanksgiving and that's why I want to treat you with three wowzers today. Three simple things which will surprise your guests - . They will surely ask for the recipe. ~ 

Enjoy the shine and your extra time that you can spend on the couch before the guests come. 




1. MATCHA MAYO: YOU NEED: 160g of the mayonnaise in your fridge (I used Miracle Whip) + 1-2 teaspoons matcha powder (use more if you like a crazy matcha flavor - try less if your guests don't know matcha yet) TO DO: mix the mayonnaise with the matcha powder - this treat is done in a second and it is so good for basically every course! Offer it when the guests come, dip it with crackers; for dinner you could put it on your cornbread or other baked goods. If you happen to have leftovers the next day, put it on a bagel with some turkey! SO GOOD!

2. LEMON HONEY MUSTARD DRESSING: YOU NEED: 3/4 Cup olive oil + 1/4 Cup lemon juice + 2 teaspoons mustard + 1 teaspoon honey + a pinch of salt and pepper TO DO: mix all the ingredients in a small bowl - stirr well! Use it as a sexy and fresh dressing for your salad or give your side greens a little highlight.

3. WHIPPED CREAM WITH FROZEN FRUIT BITES: YOU NEED: the whipped cream out of your fridge (buy an already prepared one or mix your own (also pretty delicious: coconut whipped cream out of coconut milk) + a bag of frozen fruits of your choice (I used mixed berries) TO DO: prepare your whipped cream and put it back to the fridge for later (it doesn't matter which one you choose to offer - if you happen to use store bought whipped cream then you even got more extra time to chill). Right before you offer the whipped cream (I guess to a cake), take out the frozen fruits and put them in your blender. Mix for a couple of seconds so your fruits start to crumble - the longer you mix, the finer they will get. Stirr them under your whipped cream and enjoy the fruity bites. This is so sexy! 

Ready? These recipes make the holidays beyond smooth. 
Try them and treat your guests!

Tell me about your menu! I want to know all of it!!