Dienstag, Oktober 3

4:39 PM Today might be the wrong day to share this, but let's talk facts, it's fall - the cold season is here, even though the sunshine is treating us today beyond. 
I love a golden fall, but I also enjoy the colder days, because I know that all the exciting holidays are on its way. Halloween is super close and I couldn't be happier ~
Even though it isn't freezing right now, I hear from so many people that they already struggle with their first cold or I see people sneezing like crazy. 

When it comes to the immune system and protecting the body, I am a freak. I never cared about it when it was younger and I always paid the price - I got sick. Every winter, I was waiting for my flu or cold - it all happened. Then, last year I started to drink more lemon water and I started to invest in more ginger, creating a strong morning ritual. Now I never leave the house without a lemon and fresh ginger! At work, as soon as someone is coughing or sneezing, I force them to drink plenty of lemon water with ginger - no one believes how magical these ingredients are!

Don't underestimate ginger, lovebirds. No matter if you drink it, or you put it in your food - don't say no, add more sexiness to your daily dinner routine. 

1. Ginger is your friend when it comes to anything dealing with your digestion. It stimulates saliva and the bile production and also it increases motility through the digestive tract.  
2. A good tip for pregnant women is to take ginger to relieve nausea. (if you are not pregnant, you can also take ginger to fight motion sickness or any kind of nausea. After surgery, you can recover better with taking ginger -  believe me, you will feel so much better.)
3. To keep warm during winter, it's good to drink ginger tea, which is perfect to promote sweating and keep the body temperature right. With adding some lemon juice, you will get the right kick of vitamin C which is also perfect for the colder days. FIGHT THE FLU! 
4. This is something for all the active people: whenever you experience muscle pain or soreness, you should grab some ginger to ease the pain. This pain reduction is also pretty handy for women who experience massive pain during their menstrual cycle. (to prevent period pain you can start drinking fresh ginger water a couple of days before your cycle begins - try it, your pain will go away super fast!)
5. Ginger has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and improve diverse heart disease risk factors.
6. Also if you add ginger to your routine, you can protect your brain from age-related damage which can affect all of us later on. With consuming ginger, you can improve your brain function and live a healthier life as you are getting older. 

There are so many benefits coming from the Chinese origin power root - many studies are also working on demonstrating the effects ginger has on cancer, cancer therapies and general infections. Fact is, preventing from disease or recovering from disease, ginger should be included to the circumstance. 

On my IG post, I asked you if we should discuss the book "How Not To Die" I learned that it doesn't make sense to take ibuprofen, for example, because ginger has the same effects. Say what!
Why don't we grow up with such knowledge?
Don't be addicted to all of the drugs out there... cure your body and treat your system! It's getting cold and the body needs extra protection! 

Let's enjoy more ginger! ~
Stay healthy!

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