Mittwoch, Oktober 11

11:25 AM Summer was wonderful this year (I usually hate summer). I was already dreaming about those juicy months when I did the last "Seasonal Eating" post. I was fantasizing of all the colorful and sweet fruits which would land in my grocery bag every week - basically everything which makes my heart jump up and down. Also, I tried to consume as much benefitial food as I could, because hydrating for example is so important during the warmer months. Don't ask me how many kilos of water melon I enjoyed: red, a smoothie, lemonade, or just as a snack. 

Now that fall is here, I will definitely miss everything exotic and sweet, but I can't wait to eat tons of pumpkin flavored things, topped with cinnamon and everything that frees me from a fall or winter blues. It's time again to eat with the seasons and this time, we focus on products that warm us - everything good for our body + soul. Soul food, yo. 

Many people go nuts as soon as fall comes around. "There's nothing to eat", "Soup is boring", and the story goes on and on and on. 
I was one of those People. I am beyond lazy and I hated cooking, until I figured out that grocery runs are fun and there is actually so much stuff that helps us creating the best dinner - no matter what season
My favorite plus point about eating with the seasons is that I always eat the craziest things for CHEAP. Plums, for example...they throw them after you. Pumpkins...the same. The winter greens - go crazy, lovebirds. Invest in healthy veggies and fruits, create fantastic meals and safe a lot of bucks. You are welcome ~

From summer to fall, I enjoy this right now: 
1. Lemons: I love these so much! During summer, they are so good to refresh my coke, iced tea or whatever I'm drinking. I drink hot lemon water on a daily basis - if you don't do this, you should start considering doing this during the colder months! Perfect for your immune system - flushing out the toxics and clean up the whole body - bye bye flu and cold. 
2. Plums: I always get a bit sad when summer is over and there are no more peaches or such. Plums are a peach's best friend and no reason for us to be sad. As a snack, a sweet warm treat topped with coconut sugar or a simple ingredient in your fall smoothie - there is so much more to explore with our tiny buddies. Just like our lemons, plums are very good for protecting your immune system and with their rich Vitamin C, it is a great antioxidant fruit. 
3. Pumpkin: I'm not a pumpkin expert. I always eat hokkaido pumpkins (since they are the cheapest here) but if you get the chance to try more, such as the spaghetti pumpkin - try it!! Pumpkins are such a killer! Good for weight loss, our skin and also the pumpkin seeds inside help us boost our mood. And yes, there's more to cook than pumpkin soup! Do you remember my pumpkin fries? Ahhh, so good!
4. Carrots: duhhh, boring. Not really. This season, I already started to explore the colorful carrots. Have you tried the purple or yellow ones? So sexy and super yummy. My current favorite: grill carrots with a little bit of avocado oil, drizzle some honey on top and spice it up with a hint of cinnamon. Boom. Btw, if you want to cleanse your body during fall...include some carrots!

Now, let's look forward to this season with our biggest smile. This is how my fall looks like right now and I can't complain. What about you?
No idea to cook or eat? Head to your grocery store and check out the beautiful variety. Be brave and buy something you never tried before ~ 

Happy Season, y'all! 

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