Sonntag, Oktober 8

7:23 PM Isn't fall just the perfect season to get plenty of new books which we can read during cozy weekends, tucked in on the sofa or in bed? Make yourself a tea and feel comfortable...relax with a book and disconnect for a little bit - I love that!

I felt it was about time again, to show you what my latest book addition looks like. There are times where I totally lose control and buy about 5-7 books, just because I want to soak in all the knowledge and new ideas. 
Lately, I am so curious about books which deal about the self. No matter if it's healing stuff, or kind of a self-help book, books are a part of my therapy and I love that there's such a huge collection of great voices which can help us coping with our issues or phases. 

If you wonder, I never stop reading after a book club session is over. I keep on reading and at a certain point I start thinking about you, too, and then I start a new session here. Mainly, to share inspiration, but also to hear about your ideas or experiences...what do you read to feel more confident or which public figure inspires you? 

The last book club was about Frida Kahlo, one of my favorite female heros. I tend to read a lot of biographies lately, so after that, I was reading Miles Davis' autobiography, which was fun, too. But now, it's time to go back to more substance, I mean something where I can just lay back, laugh, and also be like "hell yeah, I'm gonna do this" or "yes, I can, yes I will,..." etc., you get my point. 

One day, I was browsing through Amazon and I found our 7th book club idea: Ice Cream for Breakfast.
My attention was drawn to the title and then the cover of course...who doesn't love ice cream? While my head told me that this is the coolest cookbook on this planet, I suddenly started laughing when I continued reading the title and the description. 
Yesss, this looks like a fun self-help book which helps me (as an HSP person) to calm the fuck down and be happy just like a fat kid who loves to eat tons of ice cream (don't take this sentence too serious...I'm using silly metaphors).

So lovebirds. This is something for us. For you and for me. 
No matter what season, we always need self care. We need more me time and we have to feed our brains. During winter, I always tend to feel a bit negative about myself or things which happen in my life...I never understood why - maybe it's the winter blues? This year or let's say in general this should not happen. It's a waste of time. 

Let's make this season a happy season. Let's learn about ourselves and find back to our easy beings with no worries and no boring every day life. Let's be kids again! 

If you would like to join this book club, then get yourself a copy of Ice Cream for Breakfast here. I can't wait to exchange with you soon!
We play the usual game. In the next 4 weeks, you should be able to finish the book (it only has 199 pages) and then we will discuss everything here on the blog. 
If you have any questions in between or you would like to exchange earlier - hit me up via IG or Twitter, write a comment or email, I'm always available for you!

Now let's get some ice cream and read this awesome book! 
Talk to you soon ~ 

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