Mittwoch, Oktober 4

7:40 PM Oh boy, New York, I love you. If you ask me, I could write about NYC every damn day. It's my home and although I have a long distance relationship with it - I am enoying every second I spent there beyond! Each visit is packed with 1000 things and I love exploring the craziest places in the Big Apple. 

In 2011, me and my sister went to the US to take a longer break from school - we decided to conquer our favorite city, what else. We enjoyed a super warm March in the city, seeing all the typical highlights, but one thing shocked me forever: my sister surprised me with my first NBA game

Being German doesn't mean that I am a soccer freak - it's quiet the opposite: I am in love with American football and basketball (sorry to my dear German lovebirds). 
I guess this happened because I grew up around people who support those kind of sports and later on I was also friends with many basketball players - it all happened naturally
Keeping up with all the NBA things happening can be hard sometimes if you live overseas, so I wasn't really able to always know about everything. I was dreaming about a real NBA game, but I thought that this won't ever happen in my life...I mean how? 

Et voilà, there I was. 
My first game should be the Knicks vs. the Boston Celtics - pretty famous names on the court...oh yeah! I was nervous and beyond excited. It felt like I was seeing Pharrell perform or such. I mean I was about to see my favorite basketball team - I'm allowed to have sweaty hands, y'all haha.

First things first. As soon as we hit Madison Square Garden, I was already looking for my evening accessory: the foam finger
I should also mention that me and my sister took this event super serious. With this I mean that days before, we were walking up and down 5th Ave and shopped a brand new outfit for the basketball game. That's us...Dressing up as if we would go out to a club, haha. No, we just wanted to feel good...

So below you can see me, a smiley face with her new Forever21 shirt and extraordinary foam finger - I was the happiest
We sat in a row next to guys only, I believe there was a Puerto Rican guy sitting next to us and at a certain time, after the people heard that we spoke German, everyone was talking to us instead of watching the game, haha. 

The game was so much fun, but I have to admit that I was doing more than just watching the game. I had a yolo moment and tried to do as much as I can: this means experiencing food, the atmosphere, the people, whatever comes my way. You should do that, too, once you go!!
One important thing on my list was also to discover all the good American food and drinks during the game. Hell yeah, pass me a hot dog and a beer ~
As a German beer and sausage expert, I was about to cry when I got my basketball dinner. Firstly, I couldn't get a beer, because I was 20 at that time...duhhh
Secondly, I got a hot dog with a "Frankfurter" which was NO FRANKFURTER at all.
Dear NYC, this was the most disgusting sausage I ever had.
I can still taste it... 

When the half time show happened, I was happy to relax from this disaster, until I realized that DJ Clue was standing down there playing some good beats. Hello? 
My heart was beating beyond fast. DJ Clue... man!!! 
Yeah...the hip hop people out there might know this name. If not, don't worry. I grew up listening to all the people from Roc-A-Fella Records (Jay-Z's label) and I loved Fabolous (lol) - that's how I got to know DJ Clue. It was a dream seeing him live...

Unfortunately, the Knicks lost that night (I can't even remember the score...), but in total, this was one of the coolest nights I have ever experienced. After the game, we went to Times Square and just jumped around, because we were too hyped. I couldn't resist wearing my foam finger to every place that we went to, although the Knicks lost....I was still representing! ~ 

I hope I will visit more NBA games in the future and I pray that the sausage will be better than that, haha. 

Have you ever seen a NBA game live? 

*I thought it was nice to share my NBA story with you, since this week I want to celebrate the NBA a little bit. I'm still excited about the Nike x NBA collab - if you haven't read the post, check it out right here.

*Thanks to my analog camera...I'm happy about those analog impressions ~ I hope you enjoy them, too! 
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