Freitag, Oktober 6

11:17 AM I am already writing plenty of things down, may it be shopping or new restaurants in NYC - yes, lovebirds...I'm leaving for NYC very soon and I couldn't be happier. Seeing all my loved ones and breathing the concrete jungle ~ NY, I missed you so much.

So far, I have to say that October has been really pleasant and surprising. I already started watching my favorite Halloween movies and once the sun comes out, I grab all my things and jump around outside, because you never know how cold it will be soon.
A couple of days ago, we were having a summer-like day in the city that's why I took the chance and shot a new outfit for you guys. A little summer hommage and an exciting heart beating for the one and only city ~ my perfect NYC countdown outfit! 

I just love outfits like this...before winter is coming, I want to enjoy wearing skirts and show a little bit of skin.
Currently, I am really feeling my Converse again - so simple, but they always match any outfit! Now that all the Fashion Weeks are over (and I feel a bit sad about the "influencers" outfits or creative ideas) I feel inspired to wear and combine my cheap and simple things, because those are the items which somehow highlight my looks the best.

(During Fashion Week, I never saw a person wearing anything cheap. I'm sorry, but I can't afford a whole Louis V outfit...)
By the way...My shirt and skirt is a 10$ look. Say what? The shirt was beyond cheap at a NYC tourist shop and my Zara skirt was on sale for 4$ only. That's how I like it ~

Why don't you invest in pieces like this? Budget friendly shopping doesn't mean to look bad and ugly ~

MY OUTFIT Hat Nike / Shirt New York tourist shop of course haha / Skirt Zara / Shoes Converse

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