Freitag, August 11

5:04 PM There has been quiet a hype around this little seed here. Chia seeds are essential if you consider living a more healthier lifestyle. They are found inside every Pinterest recipe, hip cafés' smoothie bowls or energy bars in general. My first contact with chia seeds was way too late...  everywhere online I saw people drinking chia water with a side dish of chia pudding. Not only did the same appearing images not inspire me, they also disgusted me. No one can tell me that slimy water looks super inviting...

One day I was brave enough to get my first package of chia seeds...I only needed to know how to incorporate them to my nutrition.  It became a super natural process!  I add them to any dessert/ breakfast: pancake, loafs, cupcakes, oatmeal, cookies, smoothies (mixed with my diy protein powder), but also salads, a healthy wrap, a fruit snack - whatever comes my way.  Chia seeds are a super friendly sprinkle buddy and the benefits are even better! 

Chia seeds are a good source of fiber, magnesium, and potassium. Also it contains antioxidants and
most importantly plant based protein.
If you haven't invested in black or white chia are really missing out! By the way...the color doesn't really matter - get the ones you think are the prettiest and start incorporate them into your daily food routines. Why?

1. Chia seeds reduce inflammation with their omega-3 fats.
2. Eat chia seeds and feel less cravings during the day.
3. The proteins and fiber inside of the seeds take care of your metabolic health - they regulate blood sugar.
4. Chia seeds support a healthier digestion and they can also work as a prebiotic that supports the growth of probiotics in the gut.
5. People who include chia seeds in their diets are said to be boosting weight loss, caused by the fiber which the seeds contain.
6. Chia seeds fight dehydration and fuel energy with their super fiber power.
7. The perfect post-run recovery ~  The calcium in them strengthens your bones!
8. With the amino acids you will also experience a happiness boost! Why not eating those fellas when you feel down? Influence your mood ~

All you read is fiber right now, huh? But this should make you happy! Fiber is our friend chia seeds only contain good friends for us and our bodies. 
I told you, this is a miracle that everyone should store in the kitchen! With all this superfood bla bla right now you should know that you don't need 200 different powders and supplements - invest in some chia seeds and feed your body with the good stuff. 

The Aztec knew it best: back in the days, the Aztec warriors ate chia seeds to get high energy and endurance. With one spoon chia seeds the energy could sustain for at least 24 hours - the perfect enegry boost. Also good to know is that in Mayan language chia means "strength" and it was literally known as runners' food: good for running long distances and even better for endurance during battles. 

Let's be Aztec warriors! 
What will you shop at the grocery store tomorrow? :)
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