7:49 PM I care about mi oceans and since I changed my lifestyle for the oceans, I spy on my environment more and more. 
It starts when I sit in the train when I head to work...around me tons of people with their plastic coffee cups, awesome. This happens in every city, every morning...watch out when winter is coming and more people need their hot coffee cups to warm them up...PLEASE GET YOURSELF A REUSABLE COFFEE CUP! 

Then, I go through the city. People pass me by, most of them carry their shopping haul in a plastic bag until they get home. The bag lands in the trash can...One plastic bag is being used 12 minutes in average - this is nothing. So there's no reason to get one...we throw it away and destroy and pollute. The worst thing is that the new law (10 cents or such for a plastic bag) isn't a bother to anyone. 

I was at the Asian grocery store where you get the typical orange or transparent plastic bags for your products. At the cash register, I saw a poster hanging which said: We apologize to take 10 cents from you, but we still offer plastic bags for you. We hope you understand.

Fact is, no one understands. This really makes me mad or maybe even sad. People don't care about those 10 cents, they invest them, because they don't have another chance - they need to carry their products home.
The shop owner is happy, because of this environmental issue he is getting extra cash - good for him.

I already invested in tons of reusable bags and I always carry mine with me. I paid 2-3 bucks for my reusable bags and I have been carrying them with me for super long. 
If you invest 10 cents after every grocery run, you spend more money and you don't realize it. GET A REUSABLE BAG NOW. 

I walk around and I see people using too much plastic which nobody needs. 
We need to educate more. Back to basics.

That's why I am so happy about Parley's #minusbags challenge. 30 days no plastic bags - why? Because it's time! 
Read about their idea and inspiration right here and please support this important project. 

For us.
For the oceans.