8:51 PM Hydration is so important! Especially during summer time, right? 
It's funny...this season, I never had to force myself to drink more - it's happening all natural. I hate thinking about hydration the whole day since forcing myself to drink is not fun. 

Summer gives you the best creative ideas to try different drinks - may they be cold or warm there's so much to try and taste. (Ok, I have to admit that fall also brings awesome drinks along - but you know what I mean...)

We got so many refreshing fruits: put them into your water, grab your coffee with some extra ice, or mix exotic smoothies which satisfy your cravings - summer is making my body super happy and so far, I haven't been bored yet when it comes to hydration. 

My sister's birthday gift this year had the theme "matcha" and so I bought her all kind of matcha things. I also bought her the limonade which I want to present you today! I ordered one for me, too, since I was curious to try a limonade with matcha flavor - I mean who doesn't like this? 
I put this in the fridge and somehow forgot about it...

Since this week is constantly hot and humid - I remembered that my refreshing matcha limonade is waiting for me. 
So here we go, it's time to enjoy some extra matcha ~

The Matcha You limonade is a product from Munich and I am so excited about this little company creating those super cute bottles (best thing here: recycle the bottles and use them for decoration). I love the old school bottles they use and since I am a sucker for design, my first thoughts where that I don't care about the taste, I only care about this fancy glass bottle...

After my workout, I took out some extra ice and I enjoyed my first sip of matcha limonade. Wow. 
It was super sparkly and I tasted a lot of flavor. Okay, one more sip. 
I really had no idea what to expect. 
This drink really made me speechless for a second. I wasn't in love with the flavor, but somehow I kept on drinking. 
I registered more a ginger and lemon flavor than matcha, but in total, I felt like I get an extra energy boost - that's why I enjoyed every sip a lot. 
I am not a fan of sparkling water and that's why I sometimes had goose bumps drinking it...it's a weird thing and I just dislike it...
But let's be honest, who cares

This drink is amazing - such a clever idea and I bet that mixed, this limonade is definitely a Highlight. 
On the company's website, you can find awesome recipes which include the drink and I found this really intriguing Matcha Mule recipe. It's summer, have a drink and soak in the sunshine ~ 

Get to know Matcha You here
Who else is matcha crazy?