4:14 PM I always love to run around in the most comfortable outfits, dreaming about food ~ Sneakers are seen on my feet every day and I never spend too much time deciding what to wear, I guess because I never really got time for it. 
But then, there are days where I really enjoy dressing up. Just like today. I'm off and I go out for a lunch date: I want it all. Why not dressing up? I'm not talking about "crazy dressing up", but I take my time, choose a couple of outfits and see what's the best matching my mood. 
I went to a Thai food date with my sister, so I decided to go "super simple dressed up". This means I decided to wear my favorite blouse, decorate myself with some jewelry and I wear my favorite lipstick. That's it. 

Since the heat was crazy again, I needed to wear my slides - the perfect highlight here (next to my dinosaur necklace, haha).

Who says slides aren't the best helper when you want to dress up?

They are made for any situation and still, I am so happy they exist! Thank you adidas for creating my favorite summer shoes ~

August and summer isn't over yet - I'm still sliding ~

Happy weekend to all of you!