Donnerstag, August 3

8:43 PM I'm not summer's best friend, but what I love about this season is when I can start wearing my slides outside. Yes, I'm the typical German: adidas slides on any outfit possible - I'm in! I only leave out the white socks ;) 
My parents love their slides and they have been wearing them ever since I was born, so it was natural for me to adapt this style, even though I firstly thought it might look weird. 
When I first wore them outside, some people were staring weird, but I didn't care, I continued wearing them wherever I could. 

I appreciated my slides the most during my last NYC trip. When I arrived in NYC, I wore my Pumas for the first time and I walked so much that my toe was bleeding. I needed to wear a pair of shoes where my feet could breathe...I wasn't in the mood to ruin all my sneakers! So what was I supposed to do? I took out my slides and walked in them from Nolita to Uptown and it was SO GOOD! In the US no one cared about my outfit...I just loved that I could let my feet rest and also that day it was so hot, I was happy to not wear any sneakers. 

From Nolita to Central Park - why not. It was easy. 
Since that day, dear slides, I appreciate so much! And yes, it's summer again and I am wearing you as much as I can. 

This month I would love to share some slides outfits with you. I want to show you how I wear my favorite shoe and yes you can really create different outfits with them!

I'm starting to embrace summer by wearing one of my summer go-to choices: my jersey and my hair in a bun! I love wearing them (my giants jersey is my favorite summer dress). Super easy, super comfortable. I customized the jersey in NYC and I am always super proud to wear it and show it around. 

Do you enjoy wearing slides during summer? Share your thoughts!
Get your perfect slides right below. 

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