7:44 PM It's mid August and it feels like summer is about to leave soon. I'm still positive though and that's why I want to share some of my beauty highlights this warm season! 
I can never say it enough...I'm not a beauty guru - I have no clue about anything and I still test as much as I can, so I know what's best for my face and skin. Sometimes, I stick to my favorites and use the things which make me the happiest (such as my highlighters), and then I am also happy to get to know new things which can help me fix little problems. 

So let's get straight to Business.
What do I need to survive the hot season? 
I tend to enjoy make-up the older I get...but as soon as summer hits us, I feel happy to walk around with less make-up. 
During these months, I enjoy letting my skin breathe and allow the sunshine to kiss my cheeks. 
I hate when my face gets sweaty and all shiny in an uncomfortable way - that's why thick make-up will kill me even more! 

If you haven't tried it yet...try to walk around all natural during summer! Feel free and spend more time outside than inside your bathroom!
This is what I am using a lot the last weeks and I have to say that so far, I haven't needed anything further - my body is happy. 

Make sure to start with the Basics: get a lipbalm to keep your lips smooth and always take wet wipes with you to refresh your face and skin wherever you are! A steady company of mine is Lush's sunscreen which totally rocks my world: the powdered sunshine!! (I wrote about it here). If I have to wear make-up, I take my favorite go-to's such as my Marc Jacobs Eyeliner in orange and Benefit's latest highlighter shy beam - not too glittery, we already got enough sunshine outside! After a stressful day, my skin is also a bit tired...sweating, moisturizing and taking extra care asks for a lot and that's why I love to give back with a super fancy mask! The ones from Tony Moly are the bomb! 
Now you might ask yourself what the last thing on top is...I will soon talk more about that.
As a runner, I love treating my legs also! I'm running a lot right now and my muscles are sometimes really driving me nuts! With Lush's massage bar I got the perfect recovery and recreation thing for my after workout routine! 

Now I want to hear about you! What do you like to use during the warmer months? Any current favorites?