Donnerstag, August 24

6:14 PM I have this wild fantasy of going camping lately. I'm really having the weirdest fantasies right now...

To be honest, I am a city girl. I am scared of huge crowds sometimes, but I definitely love being in a busy city where everyone is hustling but happy. My aunt, for example, lives on a farm - something I always thought was exotic somehow, but nothing for me. I enjoyed visiting her when I wanted to relax and detox from everything that stressed me out, but that's it. 

Now that I am getting older, I find a lot of comfort being offline, out of town, hiking - connecting with the "outside world". With running, I am connecting more and more with Mother Nature and I am beyond hyped to fight for our environment - may it be our parks or mi oceans ~ (don't forget my fundraise!!) I guess that's why camping is becoming a sexy fantasy of mine. 
Doesn't it sound perfect? Being outside all day, hiking, running, maybe swimming and then having a big bbq before sleeping in a cool tent. Just focusing on the sasic, simple things. 

That's why this month's favorites is inspired by my desire to spend more time outside. Maybe enjoying a weekend trip in the woods ? Who knows...

Sweater Carhartt / Tights Reebok / Hat Stussy / Boots Acne / Backpack Patagonia / Bottle Mizu 

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