6:52 AM When I checked my schedule, seeing that today I will share my experiences and feelings about my last challenge, I already felt positively nervous to soon share the next challenge (it's about time). I'm serious. Since I started with my very first challenge, this feels like an addiction. As soon as one challenge is over, I feel happy and sad at the same time.
I don't want any of my challenges to end, although I always reach a point where I'm really looking forward to pause for two or three days.
This current pause was a bit too long - but during summer I don't want to do too much.
I'm pretty happy that I was off for a month, since I could totally focus on running - running without any pain. Yes, yes, yes.

Before we head to the new challenge (who's excited?) I surely have to share my experiences and thoughts with you. How was #Summerfling for me? How did I feel? Is there a thing I wanted to change? Did I want to give up?

When I announced the challenge, I already told you that the idea of #Summerfling arose from a challenge I once did, inspired from Anna Bediones' #13days13nights - two weeks working out twice a day. It was tough, but awesome.

With #Summerfling I took this challenge and expanded it to a total of four weeks. Good idea? Bad idea? It was a good idea of course, but I knew that it will be hard!

Last time when I wrote my review, I answered general questions about the challenge which I actually enjoy more than writing a weird text. I think the question + answer game is also better for you to see different perspectives of this challenge. So let's do this again ~

What did I do during the challenge? Well, before I started, I wrote a list with the things I enjoy doing the most. Also it's important to really take your time to figure out what to do when. From earlier challenges, I know when it's best for me to run and also it's better to check one's schedule - do I actually have time to go running before school or my job? Or should I do two exercises in the evening when my important stuff is all over and I can focus better? This is all up to you. So I basically focused on running, yoga and a lot of HIIT and cardio. It's good for the body and I can be super spontaneous with those workouts, just in case my schedule changes. 
Did everything work out the way I wanted to? Finding the rhythm in the beginning is still hard for me...this always comes at the last steps before the end. Each time I hate myself for having those issues, haha. 
Did I really work out every day, twice a day? Yes. I know it sounds crazy. And yes, I also have two jobs to handle at the same time. But I'm honest - it was hard. And here's a thing or tip you should consider. Doing two workouts a day doesn't mean that you have to work out 3 hours and be dead - it's about consistency. That's why I had some days, where I "only" did chilled yoga exercises, because a.) my time was limited and b.) I was sore, tired, or just not in the mood (which happens and it's so normal!). No matter what - just don't stop! Keep going. 
How does the body react? My body was dead. The soreness came pretty fast, also because I didn't drink enough, I guess. But it was definitely a difficult journey. Those four weeks I was really conscious about anything. I tried to eat good, drink and sleep well - otherwise, I can't top my performances or reach my goals, I thought. My body was tired very fast. I already mentioned that finding my rhythm was, again, pretty hard, so my body showed me a couple of times that I should eat more, because I was burning a lot of calories and some days were just crazy because I couldn't eat. (summer started and I don't feel crazy hungry...if you also feel that way: EAT - I know it's hard, but you have to). After I was good to my body and my routine came, I felt pretty good! I even enjoy soreness sometimes, because I feel that my body is changing! Better sore than sorry ~ So at the end, all was good! 
Do I need any equipment to succeed here? No. It's up to you, of course. I'm a runner - my legs are my equipment here. With the right apps or YouTube videos you can also succeed! I mostly worked with the Nike Training Club app which made everything so much easier! Try it if you haven't so far. 
Which was my favorite exercise? Believe me, I loooove working out with the NTC app, but running this whole month was beyond intriguing to me! I felt beyond happy and simple running can be sometimes ALL YOU NEED. 
What was the highlight? I keep on talking about running, sorry. I was so happy to finally find back to a great running performance. This means running without pain and finding a sexy groove! My times have been pretty good, but more important was that I can forget about my shin and the pain I had in the past. I celebrate those little moments and I can really feel how my body is learning from each routine and exercise. 
How did I stay motivated? I had plenty of days where I felt like I didn't want to put on my workout clothes. I did my early yoga sessions in my minions pj or I got home from work and exercised in my working clothes...It was not the best, but it made my days look different, haha. Each day, I also started with a tiny meditation session. I tried to tell myself each morning that no matter what, I should stick to this. It's only four weeks and my body will be super happy afterwards! 
As soon as I hit the two week mark, I just couldn't stop anymore. Every new day is a day closer to the end - this is the biggest motivation, haha. 
Would I do it again? Yes, but maybe I would go back to #13days13nights and then I would also do longer workouts each day. During four weeks, I went to low-key workouts and hardcore workouts, being "a bit under pressure" each day to perform well (which is not really fun here and then). I think if I only do this for two weeks, I will have less pressure and an easier schedule to move around. 
How do I feel afterwards? How does the body look like? I'm pretty happy with everything. I feel like I got stronger legs, because of all the running...but I also feel like I could improve my balance a little bit. Step by step to greatness ~
With all this working out and ups and downs coming along - how does my nutrition look like? I think this is a really interesting question for all of you. If you would like to know more about my eating habits, you can also write a mail, tweet me, or reach out however you want to. I am on a diet, but this diet is made by myself for myself. This means I eat stuff which is good for me and I try to stay away from things which make me feel and look bad. I'm talking about dairy in this case. I don't eat or drink any dairy which already changed my whole life (I drink rice, coconut or oat milk). I eat plenty of fruits and veggies and I also started to eat less meat. There's also no pasta (omg, what?! yeah, somehow I don't crave it anymore and it doesn't satisfy me, so bye bye. The only "pasta" I eat would be dumplings, but this happens super rare). My number one rule is to have a super large breakfast - a lot of protein and carbs and then later the day, I eat less and less carbs, and stick to my veggies, fruits, snacks and also smoothies. Once you figured everything out - it can be so easy! What also helps me to stay "clean" in this cycle is pizza and coffee. What? Everything above sounds so healthy, but still I try to maintain some bad habits. I love mi pizza and coffee, haha. Not every day, but there are days where I need my bad habits - just because. We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves ~
Any tips? Well, every person experiences those challenges in different ways. My only tip I can always share is preparation and cool downs. Before a challenge starts, find out what you want: do you want to lose weight, do you want to get to know new activities? How does your schedule look like? Do you need workout equipment? Prepare yourself the best way you can. As soon as you start the challenge, make sure to end every day right, so you can start happy in the next day with the right motivation. I always use different oils, massages for my legs, my foam roll or tennis balls to treat certain spots and then I feel good again. When my workout is done, I just love to sit down, drink my tea and let my muscles relax. Treat your body and feel good ~ Repeat it every day! 

I hope this little insight helps you to succeed with any future challenge coming! I know it's always easy to say that challenges are beyond easy. But one day, there comes a time, where you are no beginner anymore and then you are hungry for more - believe me.

The most important thing is to never give up! Show your body what you can do ~ you are capable of so many things! 

I'm proud of everyone who joined this beautiful challenge and I'm happy for your support! 
Doing these challenges with you makes me happy and it gives me more than life ~ THANK YOU! 

Until very soon, when I announce the next challenge ~
Get ready, lovebirds!