9:22 AM Summer is actually sneaker season! Sometimes I totally forget about this and I continue to wear the same old pairs, all over again and again. During winter or fall, I always worry about my shoes, since the rain or snow isn't treating my shoes nicely. Then, I just wear a simple pair, where I don't have to worry or I switch to my winter boots - boring. Yeah, right. That's why we need to turn up during summer time! 
Bring out your crazy pairs, dare to wear color and show the best designs that you own. Last summer, for example, I added the red version of the Stan Smith to my collection and for summer time, I customized them with some flowers - just because (check them out right here if you haven't seen them). The best thing is that currently, a lot of labels start with their summer sale, so all the cool sneakers will be sold for less than usual. This means invest into your new favorite pair now and enjoy summer with a design that will make your warmer season special! 

Here I got a little selection for you. That's the stuff that I currently like - maybe I will invest in a new pair as well ~ we will see! I have been thinking about the adidas Gazelle sneaker for a loooong time now - isn't the orange color just amazing? 

Tell me about your sneaker closet! What's your favorite pair to wear during summer time? Any great shoe ideas on your mind? Share your stories ~