Sonntag, Juli 16

6:49 PM Hands down, I'm guilty when it comes to snacking - who doesn't love snacks
I always try to keep it healthy when I snack, but then again, I catch myself eating chips - stuff that I don't really need, but my body wants, just because
Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti those things, I actually love them. But at the same moment I realize that my body sometimes needs a better fuel after a hard workout session. I'm always on the run, work keeps me running back and forth - I'M IN NEED OF GOOD SNACKS
If I got enough time, I don't have a problem to do them myself, but most of the time I am trying anything from the supermarket which is intriguing to my eye. 

Just like these. 

I love pretzels - the snacky, crunchy version (I even baked pretzel bites once, remember?). I think you can eat them with anything and I like that they are so cheap! A very trustful snack! 

When I saw the pretzel crisps from Snyders, I thought I was in heaven. I didn't think a lot and grabbed the red version without even reading the info. So I tried the savory multi-seed version. Many flavors and spicy at the end, not my favorite, but they were okay to start with. Then, I tested the black bag: sea salt and cracked pepper. I opened the bag, took a crisp, and I was happy! The perfect flavor I was looking for. Not too spicy, not too salty and I still taste the pretzel flavor. 

What I love about those crisps is that they don't really appear like pretzel pieces, which taste sometimes a bit boring after you ate some. They are super thin and feel like a cracker in your mouth - then you taste a little pretzel flavor paired with the seasoning of your choise - SO GOOD! 

I also celebrate that I don't need to eat the whole bag right away. I usually open my bag of chips or crackers and just eat them until they are gone. Now I combine a handful of these with my smoothie or a fruit salad and I feel super satisfied. 

If you happen to find these babies at your supermarket, make sure to test one bag! They are not super expensive and you will definitely get something for your money!

Happy tasting ~ Happy Sunday! 
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