5:53 PM My favorite hashtag. I never thought that this would be such a fun thing to experience - I mean the road to recovery. Last December, when I injured myself, I couldn't believe it. I was right in my half-marathon preparations and my routines were so smooth. Boom, it happened. There was no sign, nothing. All of a sudden my knees were hurting and my right shin was hurting beyond. I stopped and took a break for a couple of weeks. 

What am I supposed to do when I can't run? Are there any ways how I can go back to training faster? Can I trick my shin? No, I couldn't do anything accept of waiting and being patient. 
I continued my normal workouts and I tried to help my shin with extra stretching, foam rolling, and massages. For the moment it was awesome, but I could feel that my shin was still hurting. 

I started my research on how to help my body in a natural way and I also went to the grocery store to get a salve which I can put on right before I go to bed. All the salves and lotions shared almost the same ingredients: chili or pepper, something hot to keep the blood flow going or cinnamon and different herbs which help stimulating and relieving the pain or soreness. 
I liked the idea to put cinnamon all over me, haha, but I wasn't in the mood to spend so much money on different things which might help my shin (or not). I can do this myself! 

I am a fan of oils. As a kid, I always put tee tree oil in a bandana and wore it around my neck, just because I loved the smell and the warmth - it relaxed me. 

Now that I'm older, I believe that oils are essential when you are living a conscious or mindful life. 

My first stop on the road to recovery was my ginger oil (you can see the post right here) and I loved it! It was so cheap and the easiest diy so far! I wanted to try another diy, another oil with plenty of benefits. 
Ginger, you have been a great supporter on my road, but I also want to invite your beneficial friends: sage and cinnamon. What I love about those diys is that almost everyone has those ingredients at home - we don't need to shop like crazy! Get yourself in the kitchen and boil some infused oil.


YOU NEED 1/2 cup almond oil + 1-2 cinnamon sticks / 1/2 cup almond oil + 4-5 sage leaves 

1. Take a sauce pan and fill it with a half cup of almond oil. Heat it up.
2. Throw the cinnamon sticks into the oil and cook them for 20 minutes.
3. Stand next to your sauce pan - the oil shouldn't be too hot and we don't want the cinnamon to burn.
4. As soon as the oil gets a beautiful brown color (make sure it's not too dark), make sure to take the cinnamon out! (We don't want any burned or bitter aromas in our oil)
5. Let the oil cool down and fill it in a handy bottle.

*do the same with the sage leaves. Just make sure to be extra careful, because the leaves might burn super fast. Once your oil is full of sage aroma and you put the oil in a handy bottle, throw the cooked leaves away and put fresh leaves inside the bottle so the aromas can still develop the following weeks. (you can also do this with the cinnamon sticks) 

What now? 
I create special spa sessions for my shin. When I jump out of the shower, I sit down and put the oil on my leg, rubbing it deep into my skin. Waking up my cells, creating a little heat and letting my blood flow. It's not only good for the bones and muscles, but also for my skin. 
Sometimes, I use both oils which create the best symbiosis, and sometimes I prefer an intense evening with only one oil. I always look forward to use my cinnamon oil, because I love being in bed smelling all the good cinnamon aromas cleaning my air. This is something super relaxing! 

When I'm done with my runs, I sit down for a little bit and check how my shin feels. Is it ok? Do I feel a weird flow going on down there? No matter what, I dedicate 5 minutes to rub my shins and take care that I won't wake up sore the next morning! Ahhhh, such a good feeling. 

Do you understand why I love the road to recovery so much?
Oils, aroma therapy, massages, spa every day - good vibes all around me! 
The best thing is that I am pain free for four months now? I don't even remember - I enjoy this way too much! 

Try it yourself and make sure to treat your body! Take care before it's too late ~ 
Happy running to you and if you happen to be injured - don't worry, it will all be fine again! Take a time out as positive as you can!