6:50 PM Sustainability. It's a word we hear pretty often, sometimes we can't even ignore it. Do we understand it? Kind of. The question is if we want to understand it, because most of the time we ignore it, procrastinate and promise to join the movement when the time is right. I could continue with this, but you get my point. 

The "good thing" is that we are all born with this bad habit of destroying our environment - it's normal. That happens with every species in any biotope. While plants and animals coexist in a more healthier way, we use the most aggressive forms to destroy. There is one thing we finally have to accept: we shouldn't ignore the plastic pollution which kills the ocean, marine life, and soon us. There is no life without the oceans.

I said it before in former posts, I have been bad to Mother Nature, too bad. Too many plastic bags, too many plastic bottles, too much of everything. I told myself that I don't need to change if no one around me is changing their behavior as well. I cannot save the planet by myself, so I ignored it. Until I reached a point where you might find yourself now. 
You see the horrible images, the documentaries which illustrate us the countdown until Mother Earth is fully destroyed. By us. Our ignorance. I said it before, we all sit in the same boat. Once you realize that you want to change something, just start. Don't think about it too much. Don't tell yourself it's too late now. It's never too late.

After I stopped using plastic bags and my water is no longer found in those stupid plastic bottles, I researched more of what I can do. Well, I started a fundraise for mi oceans. What else can I do? Support sustainable labels, buy products which do not contain of microbeads or plastic in general.

For many years, I have been using my dear Jansport backpack, my big love. When I realized I needed a new one, I wanted to make sure I get a very special one - maybe recycled?! Definitely more sustainable. Internet, show me what you got. 

Ohhh, I always loved Fjällräven's designs and their color variety. You basically see them everywhere right now, so you can't ignore them. I read a bit about them, but wasn't sure. I hesitated because of the price, I guess...

I was thinking about this backpack for a while, when I found out that there is actually a recycled version out there. Wait, what? 
The Re-Kanken is a 2.0 version of the Kanken backpack you see everywhere. 2.0 - what does that mean? To be honest, as soon as I informed myself about the Re-Kanken, my heart was beating super fast and I fell even more in love with Fjällräven. 
With their Re-Kanken, the Swedish company produced a backpack with the most sustainable design so far. The funny thing is that the Re-Kanken just looks like the Kanken - the only difference you notice will be the mono color, even of the label. How can this backpack be different then? 

Each backpack is made out of polyester which is gained out of 11 plastic bottles. The company uses a very special yarn and also an unique technique of dying the material. With SpinDye, the backpacks get their colors during spinning, so there is less of a use of energy, water, and chemicals while the production is going on. With this procedure you get real colors and Mother Nature smiles super big. I guess the slogan "Re-invented for nature" sums everything well up.

Fjällräven released the Re-Kanken just at the right time to make a sign! I'm happy that they decided to add an environmental friendly design of an already existing classic product. This just shows how much the company cares. 

Fjällräven is the perfect example of a company which dedicates passion and knowledge for our environment. Sustainability is not a foreign word for them - they take this as a challenge to make the daily life so much easier. And hey, you see that you can create the best products out of recycled material. Turn something bad into something good. 

*A little hint which also let my jaw drop: if you wonder why you can take out the padding inside, which is actually there to help your back feeling comfortable, you can stop anywhere while being on the run and take this out as a sitting pillow. There you go. So much functionality in such a little thing - I'm in love. 

Now it's your turn. Invest in pieces which help our planet! There are so many companies out there which fight for us and Mother Nature - let's work together and support each other! 

If you care and you happen to be interested in this design as well, make sure to check out these videos and see my dear favorite designs below. 

*I wrote this post out of love - this is not sponsored.