7:52 PM What do you feel when you think about the oceans? Do you hear any sounds? Waves crushing on the shore...tasting salty air all around you. Listen deep. 

I love mi oceans too much. 
As a kid, I spent every summer vacation at a place which is surrounded by water, deep blue water. When I got older, I stayed away from the beaches - I was more interested to escape into city life - experiencing pure stories. 
For a couple of years now, I miss going to the beach so much - it has become distant. Don't get me wrong, I love city life, but here and then, I just need the water. I need calmness and I need fresh waves to inspire me. 
That's why each time I visit home, NY, I make sure to say hi to the shore in New Jersey, where I am always speechless to see such a beautiful coast with all the divine water hugging it. 

Since 2017 is my personal year to give back and care more about the oceans, I found a couple of ways to cater and dedicate certain actions towards mi oceans. I'm more than happy to always collect miles for my waters and my fundraise is still going on - please donate and help me save the ocean! 

This month, I want to go a step further. It's time to dedicate something creative for the oceans! How about a mix? There you go. 
I sat down and listened to all kind of songs which deal with the fascinating blue magic - the result can be listened to below. Here is turquoise - a little ocean inspired meditation for you. 
If you happen to be at the beach: listen to this...if you are in your bed watching the rain dance outside: listen to this. No matter where you are - feel inspired to save the oceans while you listen to it. 

I appreciate all the love and I hope I can inspire at least one good soul out there ~ 

Happy weekend ~