7:10 AM Oh my god, this post feels like a dream to me. Some of you must think I'm crazy, others might be a part of the club: is there anything better than a milkshake?! 

For those people who don't know me: I'm obsessed with milkshakes!! Milkshake dates are my favorites and as soon as I get one into my hands, I only got eyes for my cold and sexy fellow - sorry. 
When I realized that I need to cut dairy out of my life, I didn't realize that milkshakes are actually off my list now as well. No more fun, or what? Oh god, this can't be true. 

Until now, I survived. Why? I had 2 milkshakes with a loooot of dairy. I felt bad, but I needed it. Here where I live, there is no way to enjoy a dairy free milkshake - I get that...it doesn't sound like fun. But hey, I'm serious. I can't live without milkshakes. 

It's been a while that I had one and with the current heat wave, I just wanted to treat myself. You feel me, right? 

So I packed my stuff, went to the city and started looking for dairy free ice cream. You might laugh, but where I live, this is super rare to get. I ended up in a store just like whole foods, just not as awesome as the original. My heart was beating fast, because I told myself that today I will finally enjoy the perfect milkshake again, so I was totally under pressure to find the right ice cream.
When I made it to the ice cream selection, I noticed that I only had two choices. There was one company selling ice cream which is just like Ben & Jerry's, but in a dairy free and super healthy way and then there was Soyeah - a soy ice cream with vanilla or chocolate flavor. 

The selection didn't surprise me, but the price did. I looked at the Soyeah vanilla option and grabbed it. 3.99€ that's okay...I hope you satisfy me (although I'm not a huge soy fan). 

At home, I was ready to party. My rice milk was ready, the honey and vanilla were ready and my absolutely favorite surprise - MATCHA was ready. 
Yes, I wanted it all. 

I love it so matcha, I mean much, sorry, I can't think straight....I love this green thing a lot. Just like everyone else right now...

Funny thing is, I drank matcha so many times - in all different ways or with different ingredients mixed, but I never had a milkshake with it. This needed to be changed. Right now. My Paper & Tea matcha is finally making its debut and I was beyond excited. 


YOU NEED 3/4 Cup rice milk (you can also go with almond, coconut or whatever you like) + 1 teaspoon vanilla + 1 teaspoon honey + 3 large scoops vanilla ice cream + 1 teaspoon matcha tea 

1. Lovebirds, this recipe is too easy. 
2. Take out your blender (I used my smoothie maker from WMF which is my hero!!) and pour in the milk with honey and vanilla. Give it a good first stir. 
3. Now get the ice cream out of the freezer and add three large scoops into the blender - the more the better. ~ 
4. Mix everything for 2-3 seconds, so all the ingredients can blend well, until you add the final ingredient: the matcha tea. 
5. Now once you add the matcha, blend it one more time and make sure that the matcha is totally dissolved. 
6. Enjoy your Shrek shake with some extra ice if you like to or use dairy free whipped cream to give it a more silky texture. 

When I realized that I finally made it happen, I felt like I was reborn. I waited with this way too long, but with our ice cream selection here it is really hard to succeed or live a "normal" life. I know places which have a huge selection of dairy free ice cream, so I would love to know from you (if you happen to try this recipe) what kind of ice cream do you use for your shakes? I'm really curious. 

Until then, I will just sit here on my balcony and hide in the shadows with my milkshake. What a dream...It's smooth, it's creamy and I actually don't miss the taste of dairy ~ I hope you will enjoy this recipe just as much as I do. 

Happy weekend to you guys ~