9:54 PM What is actually going on? Recently, I see more and more of those "ideas" to make a fashionable move towards Mother Nature. Is the fashion world ready for this? 

The last weeks, the famous Ikea FRAKTA bag made it's high fashion debut, being reinvented by Balenciaga. Was FRAKTA always a fashionable accessory or did Balenciaga gave it the special attention it needed? Bringing an old classic back and make it even more trendy now. 
Let's be honest...the FRAKTA bag is super handy - where I'm from, I know that Ikea's 99 cents design is pretty famous along families and students, since the bag can carry many things - perfectly for shopping on the run or taking all your life with you. Fact is, it's nothing but a shopping bag, but it's good because those 99 cents are well invested, since this bag will never die. 

Having so many offers to get THE PERFECT BAG, one is often confused which would be the perfect one. We women do obviously own too many bags and then we always have to ask ourselves which bag we should take to event a and event b. 

Do you take your designer bag with you to your weekly grocery shopping spree or do you help yourself out with plastic bags you can get right at the supermarket itself? 

Has the time come to show designer labels in any situation of our lives? 
Well, designers and labels want to put their names on everything...that's why you can find more and more bags which invite you to spend less money, because they are are just like a simple tote bag or little shopping helper (yey for our wallets ~). Cheap style with an expensive name on top. Cheers to Zara for designing a reusable tote bag so you can go to Whole Foods tomorrow and show everyone how much you love Zara... question: do we need a reusable tote bag which screams Zara from far away? 

Or what do you think about Opening Ceremony and their ideas to use more reusable and practical bags? I have to say they look more fashionable than Zara's idea to invite being more sustainable. 

If this is the solution for no more plastic bags in our supermarkets, then I am totally down! 
I will definitely continue watching labels create simple tote bags or shoppers for an affordable price so that we can start saving Mother Nature. 

*I'm still a bit confused about this engagement all of a sudden and I wonder if I should laugh about certain companies or if I should get mad at the labels making extra money on topics which should be taken a bit more seriously. 

How do you feel about this? I'm interested to hear your side ~ 
Happy weekend to all of you ~