6:11 PM Again, I'm studying colors. Mom would say that I should stop playing with food, but one more time, I'm just studying colors. I had so much fruit in my fridge that I thought it's a waste to only eat it...I need to take pictures of them (as a photographer I often feel like I need to take pictures of anything floating around me, just because, haha - so don't wonder). I know that food connects a lot of people and with this new series, I want to wake us up to enjoy Mother Nature more

Eat fruits you have never tasted before...eat ugly fruits you would never buy in a million years. 

One day you will notice that you actually like blueberries, or banana, or jack fruit - it can be whatever. Skip your cereals for breakfast and enjoy a fruit salad. Your fix of sugar can be found in our loved fruits as well and during summer time, I believe you would love to enjoy a fresh fruit salad in the morning. Challenge yourself. Go to your supermarket and buy fruits with your favorite color. How about yellow fruits...start buying yellow delicious bites. Need help? Nectarines, bananas, physalis, persimmons, pineapples....Buy the things you like or be brave and mix things you never tried before.