6:58 PM Summer time is the perfect time to reflect and write a couple of lists. In the beginning of the year, I love writing bucket lists with things I try to accomplish throughout the year. Nothing big, just a few notes which I tend to remember again right before the year ends, haha. 
Now that August is knocking on our doors and summer will be over sooner than we think, I thought about writing a mini summer bucket list for myself. 

I know me. I always want to do so many things and I tell myself that I will do this in the next 2-3 weeks. Then, when fall is coming, I realize that I didn't do anything of the things I planned to do...waiting a year to go to the pool again, for example, is just too long. I don't wait and I don't want to postpone everything. Summer is now and this year I want to do all the things I want to. This is my bucket list which should be easy to rock ~ 

1. MAKE SURE TO TAKE TIME OFF. I'm working so much and the first hot waves were spent at home in front of my laptop, because I needed to finish certain projects. Sometimes I hate looking outside my window realizing that everyone is having so much fun enjoying summer, while I am having this deep relationship with my computer. Not good. I have to go outside and just do NOTHING. Work can wait...
2. READ. I read a lot. Too much sometimes. But during summer, reading can be enjoyed outside - so awesome! That's why I choose a couple of special books which I will read close to the water (and no, not a #BookClub book - I'm off work, remember?)
3. RUN AS MUCH AS I CAN. Yes, yes, yes. Lace up and smile! If you haven't seen it on Instagram yet, I am currently back on my half marathon training and I love it! It's hard to work out outside when it's so hot, but somehow I am mastering this quiet well! Ohhh, and tomorrow my next challenge is starting - life is good! Just keep moving ~ 
4. WAKE UP EARLY. I love waking up at 6 or earlier during summer time! First of all, the air and quiet hours are so good for your system when you wake up! Also no one is up...go outside and start slow into your morning routine. I enjoy running - a little meditation is also not wrong! You should try it yourself. 
5. PRACTICE DRAWING. I am illustrating so much via my computer that I never have the muse to draw analog. Before summer started, I was already dreaming of sitting outside with my sketchbook: drawing more and understanding how to be a better artist. There are days where I want to sketch and I realize that my hand sketches are becoming worse the more I draw digital. That's why I need to take some time off and draw again just like back in the days in kindergarten. 
6. GO TO THE FARMERS MARKET AND GET TONS OF FRESH THINGS. I eat a lot of fruits...it's mostly the same stuff, but I enjoy having a daily portion of fruity things. During summer, fruit is finally hella cheap again and the variety out there is beyond crazy. Currently, I feel like I'm on a water melon diet - ignoring my daily banana or my favorite grapes. I'm in melon heaven and I love going to the farmer's market now to get my fruit there. I should do this as much as I can before winter is coming, haha. 
7. SAVE A COUPLE OF $. The next months, a lot of travelling will be on my list. I already started getting some clothes for each vacation, since I will jump from fall, to winter, to summer time and I need plenty of things. Nevertheless...I told myself to save a little bit up this summer. Luckily, there are no big celebrations the next weeks, so I can only spend money on food and the rest will be in my safe zone, waiting until Christmas and the destinations where I will travel to (fingers are crossed). 
8. ENJOY LIFE. Such a simple thing, but why do I have to remind myself all the time to do it? I need to slow down...take some time off, enjoy some me time, and focus on the things and people I love. Here, I will also go back to my big passion: milkshakes! I'm a milkshake lover, but since dairy left my life, I am not drinking as many as I want to. My mission is to enjoy a huge milkshake the next couple of weeks - let's see if I can make it. 

How about you? 
Do you have a bucket list for your perfect summer? 
Share your ideas!