5:13 PM It's no secret and most of you know it, I'm a photographer and I am super in love with analog photography! I shoot both ways, digital and analog, but sometimes I feel like analog pictures give me more. The rawness.

I used to have my analog camera with me all the time, just in case I would see something cool! I loved snapping with film, forgetting what kind of motives I actually took - the surprise when I picked them up was even better then! 

My passion for photography is pretty deep and I am always beyond happy to share my little creative world with you. 

Due to my busy day routines, work etc. I left my camera more and more at home, until I reached a point where I noticed that this needs to change. 

I hate being on hold. Especially when it comes to creativity.

I decided to take April as the month where I will dedicate more time to taking pictures and exploring the environment next to me! 
This is how #AnalogApril was created and I was actually super happy to focus more on my analog world for a little bit. 

In total, I must admit that a digital detox is something I should do more often! Today we are all caught in this social media fishnet - we are not only online, we are sharing most of our daily lives every day. Just because we want the world to see...
I do not mind, but I realized for myself that I don't need to bring you with me to bed and show you how I look in the morning. It's just not what I'm feeling right now.

I only want to share things which inspire me and you - a little bit if this and a little bit of that! That's why I take so many pictures of food, nature, or my sneakers, haha. 
All good vibes for you! 

I hope you enjoy this other kind of challenge and maybe you feel inspired to create such a challenge for yourself as well! Never say never ~ Happy creating!