4:16 PM Taking care of the body is sometimes not easy. During summer time, we love to spend time outside and do all kind of activities. While we treat our bodies and we actually burn calories with something good, we might forget that our body needs general care as well (especially during summer!!). You don't need to go crazy and protect yourself fully so your skin can't breathe, but don't underestimate the sunshine and the warm hours during the day.

If you consider working out outside, make sure to prepare yourself right and as soon as you are done, give yourself a little cool down with the things your body asks for!
Even if you work out during hours where the sun is still hiding and the air is a bit fresher - you need to protect, because you never know.

Now that I run more during these warmer days, I was looking for the perfect solution to keep my skin moist, hydrated, and glowy - no matter where I am. I'm not in the mood to run away from the sun - I want to soak it all in. But I also want my skin to breathe well and feel protected at the same time. Currently, I use Lush's "Powdered Sunshine" to help preventing sunburns, but after my runs, I can literally feel my face melting and being nasty. Usually, I would just put cold water in my face and wash it a couple of times...now I found my way to shine big!

All you need is an avocado and a couple of things you got in your pantry! The easiest but richest beauty diy you can do ~


YOU NEED 1 avocado + 1 teaspoon honey + 1 tablespoon coconut oil + 2-3 drops tea tree oil + juice from a small lemon

1. Peel the avocado and cut it into small pieces. Put everything in a blender and continue measuring the other ingredients.
2. Add the honey, coconut oil, tee tree oil and the lemon juice and mix it until you have a creamy consistency.
3. Spread the mask all across your face and let it sit for ca. 20 minutes.
4. Wash it fully off with cold water and make sure to put your go to lotion on top when you are done.

You will definitely feel refreshed, hydrated, and so moist afterwards! The avocado supports you with all the important fats which keep your skin moist! The coconut oil and honey will add the smoothness and with the addition of lemon juice and tea tree oil you will have the perfect cool down moment!

What I notice each time I'm applying this, is the fact that the mask does not only refresh my skin, it also relaxes my skin throughout the week! Days afterwards I can still feel how moist my face is. The next run can come and I definitely know how to treat my skin afterwards!

Summer time means extra care - please don't ignore it!

Let me know if you test this diy and please share your experience! Happy Monday, lovebirds ~