11:43 AM I started the day early again, but somehow I couldn't find my groove. I went to the kitchen to make myself a coffee - maybe I needed an extra kick to feel fresh. Today the sunshine is hiding and I am really enjoying a fresh breeze - it looks like rain. Bring it on.

I had to think of yesterday. 

The days before, I was spending my time off work working super hard on new Off Color things. I changed little details when it comes to the layout and I am also fixing my YouTube videos. A pain in the ass. The last couple of days felt like a low-key summer blues since all this creative working can sometimes frustrate me. I want things to work out and be better, but then again, I fail or don't succeed in the way I wanted to. 
I took a break, went running, and had a deep convo. This made me think. 

Today, while I enjoyed my coffee, I thought about yesterday. I put on my 6AM meditation mix and I wrote my to-do list for the day. I was still not finding my rhythm yet, since my head was full of the things that hunted me the last days/ weeks. And then, my cup was empty. All of a sudden, I dreamed about NYC again - remembering the time when I didn't give a fuck (lately, I miss NY, my home, a lot). In NYC, I was in my bubble and I did whatever I wanted to. Stuff that happened unfortunately, happened and I accepted it. I made the best out of it. No matter what, I took life as it is. 

Here, I struggle with some things and they are harder to manage than when im overseas. I don't know why, but I feel like life is easier in NYC - I mean when it comes to creative things, it's definitely true, 

In September, after I hung out with my friend in Tribeca, I was on my way home when a little rain shower hit me. While she took the uber, I decided to walk, since my place was just 10 minutes away. Walking in the rain...oh boy. In Germany, I wouldn't do that, but in NYC I stopped, took my shoes off and walked back home. The big puddles along my way were all waiting for me to jump in - so I did. I was happy seeing my friend, maybe that's why my way back home didn't bother me. Also I told myself that these things only happen in New York. Take those moments just as they come and accept them. Make the best out of it. I did. 

During my breakfast I thought about this. I even filmed this (see picture above). I need those moments to always remember myself that no matter what's up in my life, I need to slow down and accept any situation. 
I learn this through running and creating - two things I love a lot. With both passions I go through many ups and downs - one thing I should never forget: keep on keeping! When I have an injury because of running, I accept it because it happened, but I create a better way to cope with it and win experiences and more strength. When I struggle with cutting my videos, I sit down and learn more about it and if I happen to learn extra things on my way, then I'm the happiest person! 

Take life as it is. Lovebirds, I know it sounds too simple, and yet I am still fighting with my mind to accept this simple sentence. It takes hard work to live that way, but once you figured out how to approach better to this, you are on your way to a happier life. 

Smile big and relax ~ I hope you all have a great day!