8:34 AM A good way to start the morning is to rap along some old Juvenile songs...I don't even know why I know this song, haha. Anyway. How's your summer so far? Are you enjoying the warm season with all its benefits and long evenings?

Personally, I have to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of summer. It's too hot outside, the people smell bad and I can't go running as much as I want to (because I can't deal with the climate). This year is totally different: the weather has been really satisfying and so far I ran  A LOT. My routines are getting better, even if I sometimes feel like I'm dying. All in all, I only got good vibes to share right now, so I'm happy.

During my run, I realized that it's the season again, where I shouldn't forget about my body. Next to a lot of hydration, we also have to take care of our Skin. Even if the sun isn't shining like crazy, we need to use sun blocker or any kind of lotion which is helping us to keep our skin healthy. Maybe you should think about spending also a lot of time in the shadow, so you don't bother your skin the whole day! Once you can't make it to cooler places or you realize that your skin struggled too much, please take your time to always refresh your sun blocker!

I never really know about the best I should get for myself and I also have to admit that once I buy a lotion, I will surely use it until it's empty and this could be 1-2 years. Using old sun blocker isn't really helping our skin, but I don't want to buy new things each season, use it only half and then throw it away - I was sick of that.

Luckily, one of my favorite brands, Lush, made it right in time to release their newest sun screen collection. As soon as I saw their products, I went to the city to test and smell it! One product really intrigued me so I wanted to see it right away.

At the Lush store, I checked the selection and I chose within a few seconds that this will be my summer buddy for this year. The girl who explained me everything, demonstrated this sun screen in the baddest way ever (spreading this powder over my half arm and the rest on my suede shoes - thanks lady) but nevertheless - I decided to go with a sun powder. Powder, yes. I bought this sun powder.

I actually LOVE the smell of a thick sun lotion, but when I heard and especially saw the powdered version, I was intrigued, curious and so happy. Finally a product that doesn't make my clothes wet or leave weird staines on things. The powder is easy to apply and it smells so good and refreshing - all natural. I know you think it's weird to protect yourself from the sun with a powder, but once you tried it, you will want to keep it forever. The bottle size is perfect for the run and I love how easy you can apply it from your face to your body.
Spread a little powder path on your body parts and rub it a bit into your skin. The powder itself is pretty soft, so you don't feel like you are wearing a heavy or sandy mask.

Until now, I am completely satisfied with the product! The best thing is that the powder is lasting until next year, so If I happen to have left-overs, I can finally use them the year afterwards.

If you are not into powder (which you can find here), you can also check out their sesame suntan lotion, or the sunblock which is a sun blocker in form of a lotion bar which you can use in the shower.
Lush really created crazy products - I'm beyond excited!

How about you? How do you protect your Skin during summer time? Any favorites?