2:09 PM Where shall I start? I was looking forward to today for so Long! IT'S WORLD OCEANS DAY!! I am so happy to celebrate this day since it means a lot to me!
Over a half year now, I try to be more active when it comes to Mother Nature and especially our oceans! In January, I started my fundraise for the oceans, because I believe we all have to support as hard as we actually have caused this problem!

It's never too late to protect the most important thing on this planet - we all need to work together and focus on ideas to inspire and act.

On Off Color, I write a lot about the oceans and I show you my ideas how to say no to plastic or at least trying to reduce plastic in our homes. Yet, there is still so much more work to do.

Today on World Oceans Day, I am happy to see how many people start to deal with this issue and many out there are really starting to change their lifestyles. Companies think about alternative resources and others even recreate. I am proud to see adidas and Parley's cooperations and events to motivate and especially connect the whole world. I am so excited about that!

Since Thursdays are usually #SneakerThursdays over here, I want to use this day to combine my passions: sneakers x the oceans. I already shared Parley's awesome Ultra Boost creations inspired by the oceans, for the oceans, but today it's my task to show you how I keep myself reminded that I want to save the oceans.

I'm actually not a big fan of color, but I included more and more ocean colors into my wardrobe - from navy blue to light blue. I love waking up in the morning and setting details or highlights which make me think of the ocean. That's why I created my own bracelet and I create my own shirts - all for the oceans.

That's why I love Pharrell's great idea to release the adidas Superstars in one color. The blue color is my second favorite design, after the green ones which I own - I just loooove looking at these!

Walking in those shell toes makes me feel like walking at the beach - who doesn't love that!

To reduce your plastic usage, remind yourself with little blue details that the oceans suffer the more we invest into plastic. There are great alternatives and the community is growing - join us!
Help us saving the oceans and let us celebrate Mother Nature more! Are you with me?