5:19 PM Spring to summer - what a great transition. I already talked about my weird relationship with summer and the warmer temperatures. I am actually not a fan of summer, but this year, I am enjoying it so far! I hide in the shadows, I run when the sun goes up and I eat lots of ice cream. Happy vibes from AM to PM. 
What I love the most about summer is the variety of fruits and veggies! Finally a time where you can spend the whole day outside, close by the water, soak in sunshine and eat fruits until you throw up. Cherries, berries, peaches - I'm in heaven. 

Since I am cooking more and I love learning about food, I always try to eat with the seasons. Variety is so important in my kitchen - I can't eat the same stuff every day. Heading to the grocery store is so much fun for me, because I'm always looking for new products I can test. 
In the past, I ignored the season changes - mad mistake. I realized that it's so much cheaper sometimes to go with the seasons. You can create so many delicious things and you won't ever feel bored in the kitchen. 

Enjoy the moment with seasonal products. Take this as a challenge or get to know local products more. You will be surprised how many things you ignored or refused to eat. 

My tip* try to eat things in each season which support your system the best. Why do we love to eat water melon so much during summer? Because it contains a lot of water and it cools us down. Learn about food which helps you to cool down or to refresh yourself. In the winter time, try to find products which warm you up or push your immune system. It can be so easy...

From spring to summer, I enjoy this right now: 
1. Lemons: lemonade, and so much more. These yellow friends lower body temperature and keep you cool while they cleanse your body from toxics.
2. Nectarines: peaches or nectarines...I always ignored you, now I love you more. They are super high in vitamins and they protect us from harmful UVA rays.
3. Avocados: not only guacamole. If you eat more avocados during summer, it will help you to cool down and clear heat and toxins from your body. 
4. Minty leaves: for the people who fight with allergies - mint is a great helper to prevent the release of histamine which are responsable for allergies. Also it cools you down and it's the perfect relaxant for you! 

This is what I need, cooling down, relaxing and boosting my energy - I'm beyond happy. What about you?
It may sound like nothing, but the benefits are satisfying me beyond! The best thing about it is that everything is super cheap to get. What are you waiting for?