8:11 PM Travelling or day trips are always perfect to unwind and get to know diverse things. In [new] cities I love to discover their seights, culture, and especially food ~ the best way to explore these worlds is via running - all of my passions combined!

Find a route in the city you will visit next where you can run and you will definitely experience it in a special way.

Live like a local and join a running club or create your own food hunting routes (which I love to do). During my last visit in Frankfurt, where I did another photoshoot, I took my sports clothes with me to be ready to sweat after work is done. While I entered the city by bus, I already found a great route to run the next time (the Kennedy Allee), but I decided to work out at a more central spot in the middle of the city, the Mainufer, also the Mainkai (the riverside at the Main river ). Here you are surrounded by a beautiful skyline, flowers, a few palm trees plus tons of water.

Around the river, people meet to have BBQs, hang out or do yoga! I already felt a lot of energy there and that's why I always wanted to run there as well. I stretched and then enjoyed a little afternoon breeze while I ran next to the water. It felt good to be running at a place far away from home and my usual scenery. I know Frankfurt quiet well, but a "new" scenery can spice up your routine for a little bit - try it.

After my run, I got myself cheesecake ice cream and my dream day was already over. That's how I like my runs.

Do you run in different cities or do you like to explore your neighborhoods like that in your vacation?

* those pictures are already a little taste of my analog photo challenge #analogapril