8:33 PM I read books for several reasons. I love to simply get inspired, read about great ideas and science, but I also love to get to know people whom I admire a lot. Frida Kahlo is a woman whom I always admired, not only as an important figure in the art world.

For July, I want us to study Frida's life together. I dedicate this book club session to my mom, who is a July lovebird. I think she is the one who kind of brought me to Frida...

When I first saw a portrait of Frida, I had to think of my mom. Her androgyn looks sometimes reminded me of my mom's face, just like the thick eyebrows she owns. A couple of years later, I found myself studying Frida's art - her whole career of creating.

I even painted a Frida Kahlo picture for my sister, because she has a huge crush on her as well.
I think there is no one who doesn't love this Mexican genius.

Have you ever thought of reading about a painter's life? Studying beyond his or her art?
I don't know what kind of books you love to read, but I definitely recommend you to study some of the inspiring artists from back in the day. There is so much to learn, get to know and also to explore.

Why did I choose this book for the book club? Pretty simple. After last round, where we read poetry together (also from a strong female), I think it's cool to stick to the same sex and talk about a strong and hard working female who can inspire all of us - whether you are an artist or not.

I shared an illustration of Frida Kahlo on International Women's Day, where I already shared my love. To me, it's important to find female rolemodels and especially understand what it means to be a female. In today's world, being a feminist can be positive or negative - I want you to be a proud feminist without feeling ashamed. Be proud of who you are and let no one take that from you.

I want us to read about Frida's life, because I believe some of you are little rebels like her as well. There is so much space out there to become a successful rebel like Frida,too, - we can be just like her and we can learn from her story.

Are you with me?

Maybe you have already read her love letters or diverse diary entries from her...I can tell you that no matter what you read from Frida - it will touch your heart.

So go ahead, get yourself a copy of her biography - I got this one. In 4 weeks, I want us to exchange and I want to hear how much power you got after reading it.

I can't wait to read with you guys!
I hope you enjoy this biography ~ Talk to you soon!